Monday, September 15, 2008

CMESC Show #2

Lilly and I made the short drive to the NC State Fairgrounds on Saturday to show in our first show since June! I was a little rushed when I got there thanks to Google maps disagreeing with my GPS, so I didn't get the prep time I was hoping for, but Lilly and I were ready to go when our halter class went in.

I couldn't get her to square her feet up (if only I had time to practice before we went in) so she was judged looking all crazy like and we got 4th out of 5.

The next class was showmanship and the pattern was very similar to the one as we had last time. Start at cone a, trot around cone b to cone c, do a 560 degree turn, walk to the judge, set up for inspection, back one horse length, do a 90 degree turn, and head to line. Lilly nailed it and the judge was pleased to see "horse number 2 that knows how to turn". Only one other horse besides Lilly did the pivot out of all the classes that morning. We got 2nd out of 4, and I'm not sure why the other girl placed over us, but she did, so no PAC point for us.

After showmanship, there was a 30 minute break until the english classes started, so again I had to hurry. There weren't any entries in the first 3 classes and the rest of them were about half the size they were last time, so I didn't get much time to warm up. Once Lilly was all saddled, I hopped on and started walking towards the indoor arena to do some practice. She started shaking her head, swishing her tail, stomping her feet, and twitching the skin on her withers. She did that at one of the JCHSS shows too, but I had my other saddle then. I thought the new saddle might not fit her, so I sold the saddle and got this new one. I've ridden her in this new one at two different shows and had no problem. So I got off like 10 times trying to adjust everything to make her comfortable, but I just couldn't get things to work, so I ended scratching my classes and going home early.

When I got home, I took her out to the arena and saddled her up but used a different pad under my show saddle. It's a really thin quilted one I use for everyday riding and she was perfectly fine. As soon as I put the other pad back on her, she started acting uncomfortable again. So I guess it's the pad. I'm not sure why it pinches her on some days and on other days it fits her fine.

So I'm trying to decide if there is any way I can pad her so I can use that pad, or if I should resign to the fact that I'm going to have to come up with something else. I've looked for thin, quilted pads with the number pockets on them, but I haven't seen any. They'd be ideal, but all the pads with numbers are fleece... All the contoured show pads are fleec too and I bet they'd be just as uncomfortable for her. I was thinking maybe I could buy a quilted square one and just pin the numbers to it with safety pins, but I haven't seen anyone else with a setup like that.


I just wanted to have fun and show...

So I have until October 25th to get my pad situation figured out.

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