Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Love This Blog

Whenever I'm pondering ideas, frustrated about something, or happy about something else, I can come here and type away. I can post pictures, I can paste links, and I can read about this year so far with Lilly. And aside from me, there are like 2 of you that read along with me! What more can a person ask for?

So here's my dilemma... There's a show next weekend, October 4th and 5th, in Williamston, North Carolina. The facility is gorgeous and it is usually very expensive to show there. It is also about 2 hours from where I live, which makes getting there by 8am Saturday a bit of a challenge. I've never been, but heard it is an awesome place to show your horse. The show is sponsored by TWHA and the show bill can be found here. The classes are all over the place, with no rhyme or reason as to how they're arranged. Most shows I've been to have english type classes first, then western last. This show has an english class, then a western class, then a hunt seat class, then a western class, and it's just crazy. I always ride hunt seat and western because I enjoy them both, but wouldn't be able to do tack changes that quickly out there. So would have to pick one seat or the other.

Since the show starts at 8am, I'd have to leave my house at 4am to go get Lilly and get there by 7am. Holy crap... They have camper hookups, so I could haul in on Friday night, wash her up Friday, stall her, and be ready to go Saturday morning. Camping, though, is $50 for the weekend and stalls are $50 for the weekend. So that's $100 right off the bat, and if I did that, I might as well stay for Saturday and Sunday. I could do hunt seat one day and western the next if I stayed for both days. Classes are $7 each, there's a grounds fee of $10 per day, plus the gas to get there and back. I'd be looking at about $300 for the weekend.

The cost isn't a huge deal, but $300 is quite a bit of money. In contrast, I usually spend about $100 plus gas at the JCHSS shows, but I also enter a lot of classes, and it's only an hour away. At the TWHA show, I'd have to limit myself to a smaller number of classes or I could easily spend $350. Aside from the cost, if I got there and spent all that money only to have Lilly walk around the place shaking her head and swishing her tail because her saddle and pad didn't fit, I'd be a bit upset (I bought a new pad and will try it out when it gets here, but since it's hit or miss, who knows!). So that makes me really nervous. Granted, I could just show western if I ran into tack troubles, but hunt seat is where we have the greatest chance of placing right now because she's still too fast for the western classes. And I don't want to spend $300 just for the hell of it. I'd like to do well and maybe get another PAC point in something.

So you may be asking yourself why I'm even considering going? Well, it would be FUN! Of course, I probably won't know a single person there and I'll be lonely as usual, but Lilly and I have fun together. Plus, they have novice horse classes. What better way to try her at a canter at one of the shows? I have no idea what kind of "novice" horses will be in the class, but I think I might have a chance of placing in one of them, or at least getting some experience and seeing how she might do in an arena full of cantering horses. I don't know if she's going to buck, rear, kick out, fly around, or freak out. I just don't know... so this would be a good place to try it out.

  • It's really just the money... and the 2 hour one way drive there.
  • Because of the distance, camping and stalling would be necessary. $100
  • If I'm stalling and camping, I might as well stay both days because it's going to be $100 whether I stay for one night or two. That means double entry fees. Minimum of 4 classes a day (I'd want to do more) for a minimum of $56. But is it worth all the trouble for only 4 classes per day?
  • Grounds fee of $10 per day. I'm not sure if Friday counts, so potentially $30
  • I'd need to buy shavings for her stall. $15
  • I'd need about a tank of gas (maybe more). $90
  • Grand Total: $291 - Ouch...
  • ------------------------------------------
  • Technically, I could just show one day and get up at 4am. I'd cut my costs to $90 for gas, $10 for grounds fee, and I could probably swing 12 classes (with lots of rushing to change outfits and tack) for $84. Grand total there: $184 That would be a hell of a day.
  • Fun! YAY!
  • A chance to see how Lilly is going to do in canter classes.
  • Hmmm... not many pros here.

Bottom line... it could be a really fun weekend for about $350. Do I pony up the cash and go for it, or wait until next year when Lilly has more miles under her belt and we have the potential to be more competitive?




  1. Hi - i just wanted you to know that i read you blog too - you have three readers i guess. (: I found it by accident when i was reading one of the posts on MUGWUMPS and then i read the first one - one where you were on a camping trip or something with friends and your horse was acting a little goofy and i swear it could have been me writing the story - all your reactions and even your horse were pretty much identical to things i would do or my horse would do - plus i love your writing style - so, just felt like i should drop in and say something!

  2. Thanks, KD! I'm glad you stopped in to comment and I'm glad you enjoy my stories about Lilly! It's always cool when you can relate to what you're reading.

    I started this blog mostly to keep track of the year's progress with Lilly, but it's neat knowing there are others who enjoy reading it too! :)