Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is It Wrong of Me?

Yesterday I went to visit Lilly and AJ and stopped off to see AJ first. On my way in I noticed that only the girls were in the pasture and that Ricochet was missing. I wondered if he was now with AJ or if someone was riding him. I didn't see any cars at the barn, but I also didn't see him in AJ's pasture. I thought it was strange but went on about my business. I got the bucket of cookies (AJ isn't spoiled... nope) and headed out to give AJ and Mason some goodies and make sure AJ doesn't have any marks or cuts on him. I usually just feed the cookies over the fence, but AJ had one of those HUGE flies on the top of his rump and was begging me to get it for him. So I ran over to the gate and went in to save AJ. He swung his butt over my way and stomped his hind leg as if to encourage me to HURRY UP, so I swatted, knocking the bug to the ground, where I proceeded to stomp the life out of it.

Then it was back to business... the cookies! I opened the lid and started handing them out. After AJ and Mason had a nice mouthful, I noticed Ricochet was running over from out of nowhere. He must have been in the lean-to! Well, he got about 10 feet from AJ and had to put on the breaks because AJ pinned his ears, whipped his head around with teeth showing, and stomped his front legs. Poor Ricochet did a roll back and hauled ass back to the lean-to. He ventured out a few other times and AJ made sure he wasn't able to get any cookies. 10 feet was about AJ's limit. If Ricochet came closer than that, AJ made his mean face and chased him off. Is it wrong that AJ's aggression warmed my heart? Was it wrong of me to shout, "How do you like it, jerk??" I noticed that he had some pretty good scratches on his hind end, and I started to feel bad for him. I don't want him beat up like Lilly, but I am glad that AJ put him in his place. Hopefully they'll be able to become friends soon, though. It just felt good that Lilly got some justice from her big brother! Do unto others, Ricochet...


  1. Haha!! So not wrong! I would be thinking the same thing. In fact, the other day I was on the 4wheeler in the pasture and Rusty (the gelding that chased poor Tuff all over) was in front of me and I floored it and chased him for awhile with it screaming HOW DO YA LIKE THAT?!? lol! So there ya go!
    Glad AJ is teaching him a lesson!

  2. I've been too busy to check in, so I'm just now reading that Lily was off again and you didn't show! Bummer! But, it sounds as if that was the best decision afterall.

    I was smiling right there with you about AJ chasing off that other gelding. TAKE THAT! :) Course this is coming from the gal that owns THE boss mare where I board...she literally flicks an ear and the herd parts for her. be able to command such authority.