Friday, September 19, 2008

It's a Shadow... Really!

Lilly's cuts looked really good last night. The boot had moved around a bit and was barely covering them, but they were clean and fly free, and that was the goal.

Lilly is so funny... I think she could be a search and rescue horse. Not to be ridden by rescuers, but rather to join the scent dogs as they sniff out the missing humans. That girl has a sniffer on her, let me tell you! When I took her boot off, she wanted to sniff it (she loves to sniff...). So I showed it to her and she sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. I don't know if it smelled good, bad, or what, but she was very interested in the smell. It's so funny to watch her because she takes really big breaths and does it very rapidly. Just like a dog. She does that a lot at the shows too as people or horses walk by... sniff, sniff, sniff... She just loves to smell everything. I finally had to take the boot away from her so I could continue on with my evening. Goofy horse...

She was a bit spooky last night. She kept startling her self with her shadow. The days are getting shorter and the shadows are getting bigger. SCARY! She was also a lot more forward than she has been the past couple days, but I've been trying to ride her with more leg now that she knows "tap, tap" means trot and moving my leg back and squeezing means canter. No excuse for her to think contact means go faster!

She's still making progress at the canter. She's so good with leg yields, though, that often we just end up going sideways. It's going to take a lot of work to teach her to canter off the rail. Just the fact that she's doing it so well on the rail is great, though. She also picked up the wrong lead last night once and cross-cantered once as well. I was trying to get her to canter in the middle of the arena and she was all sorts of confused. Poor girl. I always make sure to praise her like crazy when she does it right and not make a big deal of it when she does it wrong. Confidence is a big thing with her. She lacks it, and I'm trying to build it up.

I have big hopes for October and even next year!

We also moved her from the big pasture with the mares to a smaller pasture behind the tack room. She'll be much closer for me now when I get there. Woohoo! She's also out there with Ricochet. He's healed enough now that the BO decided to turn him back out. Hopefully he and Lilly can bond like they did before Summerberry came along. It would be nice to see her with a friend again.

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  1. Ugh more cuts!! But at least these dont hamper your riding. Yall sound like your doing GREAT with the riding! There is no reason your show shouldn't go fabulous. I wish you had more pics of yall riding, and better yet VIDEOS!! Break out the tripod! (I seriously need to get one of those)