Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No Showing and Not Much Riding

I opted not to take Lilly to the show on Saturday. I decided it just wasn't worth it. She seemed to be better, but I didn't want to push her. She's pretty out of shape too for an all day show like that. I'm bummed, but hopefully we'll make the next one a week from this Saturday.

I did ride AJ yesterday. I had fun cleaning him up and spending some quality time with him. He was a bit of a brat when I rode him, though, and acted like his typical AJ self. He has always been a bit of a dufus, but yesterday was just too much. After I fitted Lilly's bridle to his head, I turned him toward me to walk him off the grooming mats to the grass to mount up and he freaked out at the water bucket that had been sitting next to him the entire time. This is the same bucket I had washed his face with and cleaned his legs with. He gave it the evil eye with his left eye, so he ended up running me over with his shoulder. We had to get quite far away from it before he quite acting like a turd. When we set out down the road, he was freaking out at the sun reflecting off the puddles and jumped out of his skin more than once. And he walks so slow so he can look at everything it feels like you're riding a drunken horse! He turns his head this way and drifts over... then he turns his head that way and drifts over the other way. It is impossible to get him to walk a straight line, and you can forget him relaxing enough to lower his head even a little. I swear he's part Saddlebred!

I literally thought he was going to have a heart attack, so after about 15 minutes I took him back to the hitching post. Of course when we got there, he refused to walk on the mats he had been standing on the whole time he was being groomed. "Nope! Not gonna do it! Snort, snort.." So I had to get off and walk him back to the posts to cross tie him.

I'm going to have the vet check AJ's eyesight when he comes out for fall shots. I wonder if something is going on in there. The freaking at the water bucket has got me wondering...

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  1. Aw, sorry you didn't get to the show, but I think you made the right decision. Are there any more coming up??

    Naughty AJ! I think I would def get his eye sight checked too. Has he always been like that? Spooked at stuff that has been there forever?

    Hows Lilly doing?? Ride her lately?