Friday, September 12, 2008

Out of the Funk!

For the past two weeks, poor Lilly has been in some kind of funk. She has seemed very blah since I found the two horseshoe shaped marks on her left hip a couple of weeks ago. I didn't think much of it at the time because I figured if she did get kicked, she was probably sore. I haven't ridden her since that day because of my vacation to Florida, finals for school, and everything else that seems to keep me from riding, but I was out there on Tuesday of this week hoping to ride (until it started pouring rain). I got her out of the pasture and she still seemed very blah. When I went to the pasture to get her she was in the lean-to by herself. She walked very slowly, seemed disinterested in life, and just didn't have that sparkle she usually has. She ate the cookies I brought her, but she didn't sniff around in my pockets for more like she usually does. She definitely was not herself. There is a show tomorrow I want to go to and I like to clip her a couple days ahead of time so my screw ups aren't so noticeable. :) So I took her over to the golf cart to clip her and she usually tries to eat grass or steal hay from the cart while I'm trying to clip her. She did none of that this time and just stood there with her head down. Her ears just kind of hung off to the side and she barely even stomped at the flies. I clipped her head, her ears, and all four legs and she never moved an inch. She just was not perky and seemed blah... it was really making me sad and I was starting to wonder if she was depressed about something. I was thinking that maybe she was depressed because of all her injuries and I hadn't been able to ride her? Or maybe because she doesn't really have any friends in the pasture because everyone picks on her? I even started to wonder if she was sick. She was eating fine, looked ok, didn't have a fever... everything looked ok on the outside, but was it ok on the inside?

So yesterday I spoke to the barn owner who said she was having the vet come out to look at Ricochet (he got cut really badly between the bulbs of his hoof... probably running from AJ) and she thought he might have time to take a look at Lilly. Of course when I went to get her last night she seemed to be back to her normal self. She was greedy about her cookies, tried to eat grass the whole time and was perky and alert. I was thrilled to see her back to normal, but also knew I'd have to tell the vet she was fine today. You know how you take your car to the mechanic and then it won't make the noise you hear 7 times a day? That was me...

So after the vet was done doctoring Ricochet (who is REALLY hurt right now... he had an infection and is so lame he refuses to put any weight on that leg) he looked at me and said, "so, you told my office your horse is depressed?" It sounded crazy but it was true! So I explained everything to him and then told him she seemed fine today. We talked about all the factors it could have been and he said I could just let him know if she goes downhill again (since he'll be back a couple times for Ricochet). Then we can draw some blood and see if everything looks ok on the tests.

I think we're going to move her out of her current pasture because now that there are only 3 horses in there, Summerberry and Marva are buddies and Lilly is all alone. We're going to pair her with a cute little gray pony and hope they get along. I think we might end up putting Lilly and Ricochet back together again (when they're together without any other horses they get along really well) depending on how things go. There is another mare coming soon and then one leaving, so who knows how things will end up. I just want her to have a buddy.

Hopefully Lilly is permanently out of the funk and we can have fun at our show tomorrow. She's fat, out of shape, and probably doesn't remember any of what I taught her before her 8 weeks of rest, but we're going to go and we're going to have fun, darn it!

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  1. OHH! Have fun at the show!! I'm so jealous! The hubby told me I should take Daisy to the parade here in town tomarrow, how fun would that be?? But we have no trailer, and I wouldn't be real thrilled about riding with no on I know...anyway, have a GREAT time! (and glad Lilly is acting normal now!)