Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still Pondering...

I've been through every possible scenario in my head about how to make spending $350 at this show sound like a good idea. I really have... Even my boyfriend has decided to chip in $100 just to help me out and enable me to go to this show with a clear conscience. He's such wonderful boyfriend... so understanding and easy going.

Then, this morning it hit me! My horses are getting fall shots and coggins on Friday. Lilly's coggins was only good until this past Sunday, so if I don't get the results by next Friday, I can't go. And really, I'll need to have them by Thursday because the plan would have been to go right from work on Friday to the barn to get Lilly. That means it's really out of my hands.

I doubt they'll be here on Thursday...

Now maybe I can get some sleep...

1 comment:

  1. Lol, such a dilemma!! Sounds like a LOT of money tho, and the ups prolly wouldn't be enough for me.

    Anyway, heres to making a good decision! (getting coggins done is such a pain! [especially for those of us with no trailer] but very necessary of course)