Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've Been Riding!

The weather has been lovely, almost hot. At least I'm sure it feels that way to a super furry horse being worked in the sunshine! Poor thing! So I've been grooming, grooming, grooming... trying to get rid of some of that hair she's shedding. I went to the barn Saturday but I wasn't feeling well, so I just did a nice grooming session. I had purchased one of those Slick N Easy grooming blocks and it has been working great! Her white hair is coming out by the buckets, but her color is just dry and icky. The grooming block helps a lot with her colored hair to make it smooth.

I rode her Sunday and Monday and she did great. She seems to be much more relaxed when she's got some rein, so I've been letting her have some slack. When she gets too fast I just take her in a circle until she slows down. I've also been mixing it up with the canter transitions. I did some from the walk, some from the trot, and in as many different places as I could find in the arena. She does really great when she's not anticipating the canter, but I can't get her to relax on the rail and I get tired of pulling on her face. If we do a canter depart from the middle of the arena from a walk, she does great. I'm at a loss about what to do with her on the rail...

She was really sweaty both days when I got done riding her so I hosed her off. The water wasn't as cold as it was on Friday and she seemed to be ok with the light bath. So she actually has WHITE hair for a change. She looks really pretty. I also sprayed her with this fantastic leave on conditioner I have so she's quite soft... even the colored part of her body that was so so dry. While she dried I took her out to the grassy spot and let her munch some grass. Of course she rolled when I put her back in the pasture but I made sure she was dry so it would be dust instead of mud that got caked on her nice soft hair.

When I was letting Lilly eat, AJ saw me and gave the most pitiful, saddest face I've ever seen, so I had to get him out and let him eat grass too. He's in heaven! I thought it would be a good time to brush him, but he is barely shedding. I brushed him anyway and made sure to scratch his favorite spots. He was torn between the grass and the itchy spots, but eventually the grass won out and he ignored my scratching. AJ's pasture is right by all this green grass and it must torture him all day long, just staring at him, teasing him by swaying in the breeze. He finally got to taste it and he was a happy camper!

So, in other news, APHA has me completely confused. Last year for PAC, they seemed to count my showmanship classes and halter classes the same. They went under 'Halter' and I had 4 points by the end of the year. I think one of those points (maybe 2 of them) were from actual halter classes and the others were for showmanship. Since the most recent JCHSS show I've been periodically checking the performance records to see that my points were counted. They were there this morning but all the points are listed under 'Performance' and is actually listed as 'Showmanship'. So I don't know if they changed it this year, or if they were just confused last year. I figured showmanship counted as halter since it was in hand and performance would be riding points. But now I have no idea. I guess from now on, halter is halter and showmanship is performance. I hope to get a riding point or two this year so I can see how that is listed on our current year credits. APHA also lists us as having 4 points this year instead of 3 like I had figured. 2 points for each showmanship class from the JCHSS show.

So confused...

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  1. I know the feeling, we had the air on the SECOND slot for a while in our truck yesterday! Hot!

    Thats weird how her white hair sheds faster! Although, Cisco the palomino, he took FOREVER to shed, maybe its palomino hairs, haha. (but he is a total fluff ball in winter)

    Glad your getting to ride so much! Wish she would settle down on the rail for you tho :(
    I love when they are worked and you have to hose them off, makes you feel good to cool them off, hehe.

    AJ looks so happy! finally getting to eat the evil taunting grass, lol

    Thats weird how they would put showmanship under performance...I guess its not 'halter' but still...I thought performance was riding, like you! O well.

    BTW, still loving the saddle! It sits on a tv tray in our living room (much to my husbands amusement/dismay) and I just look at it and smile, ;)