Saturday, March 28, 2009

Off to Baltimore

I'm off to Baltimore for 2 weeks to train for my new job. I'm not thrilled about going and I was enjoying all this time off, but I guess I need to get back to work and start making a living again. So the good news is that I have a job, but the bad news came when I found out my schedule. I have to work second shift (4pm till 12:30am), which is fine with me, but I'll be working Saturday through Wednesday. So my showing is up in the air right now... :( I'm trying to find out how flexible the schedule is, but I probably won't know until later this month whether I can make it to any of the shows. I hope I won't have to give it up all together.

Have a great 2 weeks everyone!

**** Update!**** (4/4)

Things here in Baltimore are going well... I wish I was home right now, but I have another whole week of training. Last week was interesting in regards to my schedule for work, and as it turns out I'll be working Monday through Friday from 4pm until 12:30am. Thank you, God! I am so excited and so thankful and it's a huge weight off my shoulders! Of the 4 people I will be working with in my specific section, I'm the only one that lucked out with the weekday shift.

So it looks like I'll be able to keep showing after all! Early Saturday shows will be tough since I won't be able to give Lilly a bath on Friday night, but I'll make it work!

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