Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Vaccines!

My favorite vet, Tracy, came to the barn today to vaccinate all the horses. Lilly was really good and has come a long way since her first shot. She's still not happy, but she stands there like a good girl. I was so proud! AJ is always good... I think if he had thumbs he would give his own shots! :)

AJ needs to have his teeth floated, but Lilly's can wait until fall. Otherwise, she said everyone looked healthy and good. I'm always happy when AJ passes his "old man" test. He's a healthy old guy!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a bump on the side of Lilly's left leg. So while Tracy was there I asked her to take a look at it. She wondered if Lilly had been lame at all and I told her she had not. She was surprised because she said it was her tendon causing the bump. She said it resembled what an old bow would look like on a horse recovering from a bowed tendon. She even had me trot her around so she could watch her move. She just couldn't believe she hadn't been lame at all. She thought maybe Lilly hit it on something since it really couldn't have been caused from a bow. She said to just watch it and let her know if it gets any bigger. Lilly always has the most bizarre things wrong with her.

And what's up with this weather??!! It sucks!

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