Friday, March 6, 2009

Warm Weather!

I finally got out to the barn today. It was sunny, 70 degrees, and beautiful! I had plans to spot bathe my girl but after I got started I found out how COLD the water was, so nothing but a tail wash and leg scrub for her today. I also put her mane in braids to hold it on one side. I can't stand it when her neck looks HUGE from her mane sticking up all over the place. After her hind legs dried I shaved them with my clippers so it will be easier to clean them when she drips manure all over the place. Long story short... she looks good! And she is shedding like crazy, but just the white hair. It's bizarre how that works. The palomino hair holds out till the very last second while the white hair drops out like no one's business!

She was really good when I rode, too. One of the other boarders was riding her horse and she said Lilly looked great. It had been a while since she saw us ride and said Lilly has come a long way since she saw her last. Yeah! Progress!

I worked on transitions, transitions, transitions... at this point in our training, I think that's where we're lacking. She anticipates so much that I've been trying to mix it up. She's just never surprised, no matter what I do...

I also worked on pivots. I must have the smartest horse in the world because she's got it figured out already!! And she looks at me like I'm an idiot... it's like she's saying, "duh... that's how we should have been doing it all along!"


  1. Are you not LOVING this weather?? I haven't been out to ride since last wed when it was still 60s, I bet Daisy is gonna die when I get out there in the 70s and make her english trot, hahha. (I will def be armed with my dressage whip, hehehehe)

    Sounds like you got her all prettied up! And had a good ride too! I looove getting compliments on my horses!

    Your Lilly is so smart! Do you ever do pivots in the saddle? You could get spinning like a top I bet! hehe ;)

  2. I am LOVING the weather! I just hope it lasts!

    Lilly does great pivots under saddle. When I had her at the trainer last winter he was dying to give me reining lessons with her, but I don't want to do reining with her. She was probably pivoting on the wrong foot anyway. I'm hoping she'll start pivoting under saddle using the correct foot and maybe we can get spinning around fast! :)