Monday, August 10, 2009

A Bath For AJ

105... As in one hundred and five... DEGREES! That's how hot it was today!

Obviously I didn't get to ride again. If my horses are sweating while they're standing still, it's just too hot to ride. So I thought today would be a good day to get my old man out and give him a much needed bath.

He doesn't mind water, but he hates how it hits the ground and splashes. Cross ties are a MUST or he constantly moves around, snorting at the ground. And actually, even with the cross ties, he still moved around and snorted. But the cross ties certainly help keep him manageable.

23 years old he is... you'd think he could just stand there like the old man that he is. No such luck. He was having fun shaking his head and biting the cross ties. As usual, he was carrying on and being hilarious until I got the camera to the movie setting and then he stood there like an angel.

After his bath, I took him out to eat some grass. He was thoroughly enjoying himself and insisted on eating in a grassy spot right in front of Lilly and Ricochet. I think he was teasing them!

So here's the old man all cleaned up. I think he still looks pretty good! I still need to get someone out to take some pictures before summer is over!


  1. I just love his color, so pretty! Its like light reflecting!
    Figures he behaves after the camera is on, thats usually how it goes, hehe.
    LOL look at Lilly and her buddy, they are like, us too???

    Hope yall get some cooler weather soon! Been raining here!

  2. Thanks, Britnie! You should have seen him in his heyday... he used to shine like a copper penny! Not as much these days, but I still see it, and it makes me happy you see it too! :)

    Yeah, poor Lilly. I only had time for AJ, but she looked really sad when I drove away.

    I'm hoping for cooler weather too! Send some of that rain up my way!