Saturday, August 1, 2009

CMESC Show #2

I had a tough time getting up this morning at 6:00... I don't have to be to the JCHSS shows until about 11:30, but for this show I was in class number 2, so I needed to get there by 8:30 at the latest. No sleeping in for me! And when I was getting Lilly ready at the barn, time somehow slipped away, so I didn't have time to band her mane and I still didn't get there until about 8:35. Rush, rush, rush! I barely made it to my first class... what a morning!

The boyfriend tagged along and took lots of pictures. He was also very helpful and fun to have around. Too bad he was absolutely miserable, so he probably won't go again until the State Fair, and that'll be just because my parents will be in town. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Here's a snapshot of the placings:

Halter Mares - 3rd out of 5
Stock Type Halter - 4th out of 7
Showmanship - 2nd out of 3 (HEARTACHE!!)
Huntseat GAYP All Types - No place
Huntseat Walk/Trot All Types - 7th out of 18
Huntseat Pleasure All Types - 7th out of 18
Adult English GAYP All Types - 6th out of 10
Stock Type English GAYP - 6th out of 7
Stock Type English Pleasure - 4th out of 6

So as you can see, we did a respectable job. I was really happy with our two 7th place ribbons, but PAC doesn't count anything over 6th place. So we didn't get a single PAC point today. Bummer...

At least we looked sharp in our new outfit! Anyone feel like commenting on her conformation since she's all squared up nice and pretty?

Since Mike was there to take pictures, I'm going to add a whole bunch of them! I think they turned out nice, considering it was indoors.

Showmanship was heartbreaking! There were only 3 horses, which stinks. I prefer a much bigger class, but it is what it is. The pattern was this: starting at cone A, trot from cone A to cone B, stop at cone B and do a 90 degree pivot, back 6 steps and walk to the judge. After inspection, do a 270 degree pivot and trot off into line. Lilly did a really great job, and I tried to be snappy and smiley, so I wasn't sure where we'd place.

Why is he always writing when I'm doing my pivot?

When the placings were being read, the judge came over and said, "if he had squared up in front of me as well as he did here in line, you would have won. The 1st place horse squared up just a little quicker, but it was really close. You had a lovely pattern." UUGGHH!! So close, AGAIN! I just said thank you, but wanted to add that Lilly is a SHE and not a HE. Thank you very much...

Isn't she beautiful? Even when she's stuffing her mouth full of hay. :)

I schooled Lilly before our classes started and she was doing really well in the headset department. She cantered nicely and I was looking forward to our classes.

Raise your hand if you love our new pink bib! It was so much cooler than wearing a shirt!

Overall, she was good. She gets a little rushy when we 'reverse and walk' because her little brain is working overtime and she knows that trot is coming. I believe that's why we didn't place in the first huntseat class. She decided she was going to go ahead and trot NOW, and the judge saw us. So that was a fight we had in pretty much each class... good the first way, not so good when we reversed. Plus, both times in our canter classes she picked up the wrong lead going counter-clockwise, but both times the judge wasn't looking and we had it corrected in a matter of seconds. I really need to work on that before the Paint show, though...

I know her head still isn't as low as it needs to be, but she's getting better about leaving it there for longer periods of time. It was also interesting what was placing in the huntseat classes. There were all shapes and kinds of horses and many of the winners weren't trotting with their heads down.

I was hoping we'd do better today, but Lilly did pretty darn well, and I had fun. Each show we attend helps both of us, and I can see a huge difference in Lilly from when we started.

Now it's time to get ready for the Paint show! *Gulp!


  1. IM LOVIN your showmanship outfit! It looks fantastic on you! Whatd the bj say??

    And Lilly looks great! I love the headshot and trot pic! SO CUTE! And as for the conf, obviously she has got something going right with your very respectable halter placings here lately! Congrats!!

  2. haha I just noticed I put bj instead of bf, doh

  3. As "The Boyfriend," I wasn't absolutely miserable. It was just a LONG day!!

  4. Thanks, Britnie! I think the new color is a nice change. :) And I was thinking I would try braids for the Paint show... what do you think? :)

    It was a long day, but we got to eat yummy, hot food! :)