Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It was a scorcher today! Even though the thermometer only read 95, it was super humid and pretty much miserable outside. It was the kind of day where every single horse on the farm had wet shoulders. They were just standing there, and they were sweaty. That's how you know it's hot outside!

I had planned on riding Lilly because I want to figure out why she hates my number pad so much. I don't want to look like a dork at the APHA show and have my number held on my back with magnets... I want to use my dang pad and put my numer there instead. Lilly just really seems to despise it for some reason. I have other pads just like it (minus the number part) that she seems ok with. I don't know what it is about this one that seems to make her uncomfortable. Maybe I need a wither relief pad to put underneath it? I'm just afraid that the more padding I add, the worse it will fit... maybe make it tighter. But I'm determined to make it work by August 22nd! I'm open to suggestions!

So as you can guess, I didn't have the heart to make her work in such humid temperatures. I just put her bell boots back on and fed her some cookies instead. I think she was looking forward to hanging out, though, because when I left the pasture she came hauling ass toward me, like, "WAIT for me!!"

So instead I cleaned out the trailer, picked out some items to put on eBay, and grabbed stuff that needs washing for the APHA show. I like that I have two full weeks with no shows to get ready for the Paint show. That way I can have everything washed and cleaned and ready to go without having any last minute tasks.

AND, my mom and dad bought me this really awesome cart for my birthday that has a place to put saddles, bridles, and brushes so I can WHEEL the stuff from my trailer to my stall instead of making 4 or 5 trips with nothing but my poor, tired arms. It'll be SO nice to have that for the show. My birthday isn't until Friday, but I opened it early. :) You can do that when you live 4 states away from your parents.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be cooler or less humid... or both would be nice. We'll soon see!


  1. Oh that cart sounds awesome!! I'm sure you will be loving that next show. And those things are so darn expensive, go mom and dad! And happy birthday!! (whenever it is, haha)

    It was really nasty here yesterday too, ughhh. Today it seems nicer, this morning driving to work you could almost feel the autumn sorta feeling coming on. I'm sure thats gone by now!

  2. Thanks! I wanted to skip my birthday this year because I don't want to be 30 next year, but everyone keeps telling me I can't... so I guess presents make it ok. :)

    The cart is going to be awesome!

    It's either scorching hot here, or it's pouring rain. Hopefully it cools off by next week!