Saturday, August 29, 2009

JCHSS Show #6

I have no pictures from today, but we had a good show.

Our first class was halter. We got fifth out of 8 horses. It's always interesting to see what the judges place in a big group of non-halter horses. There are always some nice looking horses at this show, but none of them are "halter horses". Lilly is no halter horse either, but her legs are straight and my biased eye says she has no "major" faults. I wish I had the opportunity to approach the judge and have them pick her apart for me... it's just never there.

Next up was english showmanship. It was the dreaded tear drop pattern again, but we've practiced that loop so many times it was cake for us. :) Lilly did a really great pattern and she nailed her pivot. My idea of staying at her head and just pushing her around rather than walking toward her shoulder was the trick. Now she doesn't get her legs all bunched up under herself. I was quite pleased. We placed first out of 6 horses, so two more PAC points for us in showmanship.

Rather than going through each riding class, I'll just sum them up. Lilly did phenomenal. She was really consistent and she kept her head down for the majority of the time. It still comes up during transitions and she still anticipates sometimes, and when she's doing that, her head comes up. All in all, though, I was really pleased with her. In our two canter classes, she missed the left lead... both times. So last weekend it was the right lead, the show before that it was the left lead, and this time it was the left lead. Total coincidence I'm sure, but it's rather interesting to me. The first class where she missed her lead the judge was looking right at me, but we still placed 6th. The second class she missed it and we placed much better. I was quite pleased with her performance for sure. I actually thought we'd place better because of how well she was doing, but these classes are always a mixture of horses. There's ponies, QH type horses, TB horses, and then you've even got some giant Warmblood looking horses. So the look in each class really varies and it's hard to know what's going to place.

Now on to my favorite class of the day... english equitation! The eq class here is just walk/trot, so I figured what the heck. We tackled a canter pattern last weekend, so certainly we can do a walk/trot pattern. It was an interesting pattern too... Starting at cone A, walk to and around cone B. Once we made our loop, we picked up the sitting trot (where the dotted lines start) to cone C and made a loop around that cone. Once we made our loop there, we picked up the rising trot (right where the loop ends and the straight line starts) on the right diagonal to cone D. Stop at cone D and back 4 steps.

Lilly did pretty good. She seemed drunk and unsure of where we were going. The pattern size was also really small so we didn't have a lot of room between cones, but I thought we did pretty good. It seems the judge agreed because we got 2nd out of 9 horses! I was so excited! 2 PAC points for walk trot! Yay!

I'm such a slacker. I should have been doing these equitation classes all along. Oh well! We'll definitely be doing them at the next two shows.

Western showmanship had the same pattern as english, of course. There were 5 of us and we ended up with second. The judge had us go in and do our pattern then exit the ring so I didn't get a chance to see the pattern that beat us. So I can't say what she did or didn't do better than us, but Lilly did great in my book. We were slightly crooked when we stopped for the inspection, but otherwise I thought she nailed it. Pivot was great again. :) She was dirty, though, from the saddle and the red clay all over her legs, so I suppose if I was the judge and had to do some sort of tie-breaker, I'd knock me down since showmanship is all about presentation. I clean her up as best I can in the 10 minute break I have from my last class to the showmanship class. All I can ask is that Lilly does a great job, and she did!

So here's the breakdown: (I'll update when the results are in)

Stock Type at Halter - 5th out of 8
English Showmanship Open - 1st out of 6
Huntseat Walk/Trot Open - No Place out of 18
Huntseat Pleasure Open - 6th out of 12
Huntseat Walk/Trot Stock Type - 7th out of 13
English GAYP Adult - 6th out of 11
English Equitation Adult - 2nd out of 9
English Pleasure Open - 4th out of 11
Western Showmanship Open - 2nd out of 5

Lilly was a good girl... until we got home. But that's for another post.


  1. Oh yeah! I got on my blogger and saw you had a show report and I was like oh yeah!! I love reading them!

    Anyway, great job again of course! Yall are the showmanship queens! hehe and I'm so proud of you for going for the eq class! I totally cannot picture that pattern (I told you, cone-disorder, haha) but it sounded a little tricky being so small. Hey, there is an advantage for Lillys cute little legs, haha. 2nd is AWESOME! Fun stuff to find another class you can excel in.

    What is up with her lead issues?? Do you move her hip in every time, to set her up for it? Does she only do it at shows? Or do you have probs at home too? Maybe its just the atmosphere at the shows that she is a bit distracted, etc, and will get better?

    Glad yall had another good show!!

  2. Thanks! We had a pretty good day, that's for sure. :)

    And just for you I created one of my famous drawings in Paint so you can get a visual of the equitation pattern. It'll be good for me to have too. ;)

    I don't know what's up with her leads. She's not 100% at home yet, so we're definitely still working on them, but she usually does well in the make-up arena and very rarely misses them at home. I think it might be that she's just not paying attention or is anticipating so much that she just canters, rather than listening to what I'm asking. I'm using the same cue each time, it just doesn't always work. We're still practicing haunches in, so for now I'm just tipping her noes in, dropping my weight to the outside, and then sliding my outside leg back to cue her. Who the heck knows... LOL We'll get it soon, I hope!

  3. Oh yeah! I am such a visual person, that makes SO much more sense! Great drawing! hehe, looks like a fun pattern! I'm tempted to set that one up at home and do it just for kicks!

    I bet when you get your haunches in working for you, that will clear up her lead issues. It just makes it the logical choice for the horse to take the right lead. When I rode IHSA our coaches were VEHEMENT about cocking that hip in to get our leads!