Saturday, August 15, 2009

Puff the Magic Swollen Leg

It's that time of year... what time, you ask? Why, it's time for Lilly to start injuring herself. It just wouldn't be summer without injuries!

Her left hind ankle/leg is pretty darn swollen. I don't see any cuts or injuries that would cause the swelling and she isn't sore on it at all. If she wasn't turned out 24/7 I'd say she's stocked up.

I first noticed yesterday when the farrier was out. I had planned to ride her when he was done, but after seeing her ankle I decided just to hose it for about 30 minutes and then turn her back out. I hoped today when I went out that it would be back to normal. Of course, though, that wasn't the case. There was less swelling, but it was definitely not normal. Being the cruel, mean lady that I am, I tacked her butt up anyway and went for a ride. I thought maybe the exercise would help work the swelling out. It was all still there when I untacked, so I hosed some more and we'll see how it looks tomorrow. Good times!

She did pretty darn good when I rode her, though. She's doing a great job at the trot keeping her head down and even drops it some when she's cantering. She seemed to be on target today with her leads, but she still needs to learn left leg means right lead, right leg means left lead. You never know when the judge might ask for a counter canter! I did some pretend, around the jumps, equitation patterns and she's coming along. She's learning not to rush so much and to chill out and wait for me to tell her what to do next. I wonder, though, if I'd get marked down for her turning her head all the way around to look at me every time we stop... you think? It's like she's looking at me saying, "what next, mom?" No, Lilly, stop looking at me! Look ahead!

We also did some ground poles and she is a total lunatic at the canter. She was having a really difficult time cantering over one ground pole, so I stopped doing that and went back to the trot. We also played "steer around the arena without using reins" and she's getting better at that too. She seems to constantly go in a circle, though... very small circles... round and round. I don't know what she's got against straight lines.

All in all, a good girl.

She's got sap in her mane and someone at the barn told me to use WD40 on it to get it out. Seems like a harsh chemical to use on skin, so I might try vegetable oil first. She needs her legs clipped for the show too, but I'm not sure my clippers can do another full leg clip on all 4 legs. They're 13 years old, afterall. They're tired and only want to do fetlocks and ears. Something needs to be done, though, because her legs are icky and will look much whiter without all that hair.

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  1. Oh boo!! Now we both have horses out of commission, lol, well you did get to ride your girl tho! I'm go proud of how well she is doing now! It seems like just a few posts ago you were talking about her jumping off your leg at the slightest touch!

    I hope her leg is back to normal soon!