Monday, November 16, 2009

Barn Pictures

Yesterday I took off Lilly's bandage. She's back to standing wraps and quilts now, and I bought her some pretty new green ones. Everyone at the barn keeps offering theirs, and I appreciate it, but I feel bad using stuff that belongs to someone else. What happens if Lilly decides to rip it off?

She nickered when I went down to the stall to visit her. :) Was she happy to see me, or hungry? Hmmm...

Here's her leg after I took her bandage off. I think it looks a bit more swollen than before the injections, but my vet said some swelling was ok.

It was also very foggy yesterday. There was dew everywhere and it was just beautiful! The leaves are changing color and it made for some beautiful pictures.

I'm surprised this web lasted throughout all the wind and rain we've been having.

Poor AJ's pasture buddy was being ridden and he wasn't happy about it at all! I got some really funny pictures of him whinnying for Archie. :)

I love both of these pictures below that I got of him. I want to make one of them an 8x10 photo to put on my wall with Lilly's 8x10, but I can't decide! I like the first one because of his expression, and I think the fog looks neat, but I like the second one because the sun is shining on him and you can see the beautiful trees in the background. He look a little more sleepy in the second one, and there's all that fencing stuff by his face... One of the pictures I took would have been The PERFECT picture, but I cut off the bottom of his lip. :( DARN IT!!

Which one do you like best?


  1. Aw what a sweet face Lilly had for you when you came to see her! Ya, her leg does look a little more swollen to me too, but if the vet says its okay, thats good.

    That is one intricate spider web! Neat!

    And isnt AJ a handsome boy! I loooove the first one, the fogginess is just awesome. And of course his expression is GREAT. So proud and alert.
    The 2nd looks a little dark to me, and the third would have been perfect except like you said, the fence/gate is a big distraction. The trees are gorgeous behind him tho!
    ps he has REALLY CUTE ears! lol, sorry random

  2. I like the first one, the fog gives it some character.

  3. Thanks for the opinions! I like the foggy one too. I might play around with Photoshop, though, and see if I can get rid of some of the fencing in the sunny picture and see how it looks when I'm done. Maybe I'll have to print out more than one. :)

    Thanks, Britnie! I think AJ has adorable ears too! :) He has those cute little Quarter Horse ears... and I think he is very handsome as well. I just love his face.