Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DDFT Lesion

Well, I wish I had better news, but the nerve block went as expected this morning. Lilly has a lesion on her deep digital flexor tendon.

When the vet came out this morning I took Lilly to the arena and jogged her up and down the rail. She was still very lame at the trot and noticeably off at the walk. So we took her back to the barn and Dr Elaine did a hoof test just to make sure it wasn't an absess, and Lilly tested fine. So next she started numbing around Lilly's ankle. Lilly wasn't as good today. She was quite tired of being poked and prodded, so we had to twitch her. Poor Lilly has never been twitched before, so she was quite surprised when that rope cinched down on her nose. She stood still so Dr Elaine could numb her up, though. After about 15 minutes, I took her out to trot again and she was still lame.

So 90 days of stall rest. Her prognosis is good, though, and Dr Elaine thinks she'll be back to normal flat work in about 6 months. Good thing I don't have a desire to jump, because that would definitely be out of the question now. I'm just hopeful that she does make a full recovery and I'll be able to get back to showing her. The thought of her being forever unsound breaks my heart.

My farrier comes out on Friday morning and the vet has requested that he put a 4 degree wedge pad on her left front to prop her up and take the pressure off her tendon to hopefully help it heal. She also wants a slight wedge on her right front just so she's not quite so uneven. She thinks perhaps after Lilly's tendon heals she'll have to stay wedged a bit to keep the pressure off that tendon. Especially since wedging tends to crush the heels a bit anyway, and Lilly is running low in the heel department to start with.

Luckily, Lilly is a level headed girl, and I hope she stays sane during her 90 days of confinement. She is also not so lame that the vet felt the need to put her on any medication. So while things are bad, they could be worse, and I'm thankful for that. Hopefully she heals in no time flat.


So, next year's show season is pretty much cancelled. I'm quite depressed. We were making so much progress.

Some alternative therapy has been suggested. These are times when I wish I had my horses insured:
Shock wave therapy: $300 per session for 3 sessions
Platelet rich plasma: $1,000
Stem cell therapy: $2,000

Because Lilly has a "pacman bite" lesion, Dr Elaine is unsure if injecting the plasma or stem cells would be helpful since there's no way to keep the injected material in the lesion. Honestly, I don't think I want to drop $2k on something that might not work. She was going to check with the other vets and see what they think, so I'll make my decision as soon as I have the right information.

I'll take some pictures tomorrow. I wish I had done that today, but with so much going on, that was the least of my worries. Her leg is quite swollen, and hopefully the standing wraps will help. I would like to see how it progresses, so pictures will help.


  1. :( So sorry it wasn't better news! How did that happen anyway??

    But like you said, could have been worse! At least half of it is through the winter, and you should be back in business by May/June, so maybe you can hit some shows still next year. Don't despair! It could even be that she heals quicker. You never know!

    Hope Lilly takes it in stride, shes a good girl!

  2. We're not sure how it happened. She was probably playing around in the pasture and slipped or stopped too fast. I hadn't been out there since Thursday, so I hope she wasn't lame like that for days before I noticed on Tuesday. I would hate to think no one noticed that my horse was lame. So I'm not even sure what day it happened.