Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heat and Swelling

I called my vet this morning to ask her about the heat in Lilly's leg. I left her a voicemail and waited for her to call me back.

Meanwhile, I changed Lilly's wrap and her leg pretty much looked the same as yesterday. I think there was a bit less heat in her leg. She's still being a good girl in her stall but she was a bit cranky today. She was snapping her tail and wondering what the hell was taking me so long to get her dang hay!! Once her highness had hay in front of her face, though, she cheered right up. :)

My vet called me back a few hours later and seemed concerned about the heat in Lilly's leg, but she thinks as long as Lilly isn't lame, she's ok. She said the heat could be an infection from the injections, but she said if that was the case there should be more swelling and not less.

She noted that there will be some heat because of the type of injury it is, and because of the treatment she has had so far, but it could be a cause for concern if it continues or gets worse, and she said I should monitor the temperature very closely.

We both think that some of the heat is from the bandage, but I feel there is really too much heat in her leg to be caused from being wrapped. Especially since it's in her hoof as well, which isn't wrapped.

So tomorrow morning I'll go to the barn and take Lilly's bandage off then go home for a few hours and swing back by the barn on my way to work to check the temperature of her leg. That way we can see how much, if any, the leg cools off without the bandage.

I also contacted the vet's office to see if they could get me a copy of Lilly's ultrasound pictures. I'm not sure what I was thinking when she did the scan... I should have asked for a copy then, but my brain was spinning and I didn't even think about it. So they're going to try and scan the pictures tomorrow and email them to me. Once I have them, I'll post them on here so you can see what the lesions look like.

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  1. Hm...well at least it isnt getting more swollen. I hope it cools off soon! It make just be reacting to the injections.