Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lilly's Prison

This morning I set out to get some shavings to put in Lilly's stall. TSC had them on sale, so I went there first. Of course they were all sold out... so I had to drive all the way back across town to the home and garden store to pay too much money.

Here's Lilly in her stall.

It's a really nice stall. It's plenty big, and although I was concerned that she has too much room in there for "stall rest", the vet thinks it'll be perfect as long as Lilly is a good patient. It's nice and airy, and she can see quite a bit. She's got donkey friends to keep her company, along with a little pony that can come see her in the adjoining stall.

Here's a picture of the inside of her leg. You can see how the tendon looks like a sausage. It's all puffed up and swollen. You can click on it to get a better, bigger picture.

I think this is the best picture to show just how bad her leg looks.

Here she is after some hand grazing, all wrapped up and ready to go back into her cell... I mean stall.


  1. Ew, yeah, her tendon is def swollen!

    What a great place you have for her 90 days, that is awesome. I mean, its still going to be confinement, but thats about as good as you can get right? Just keep hay in front of her and she should be happy as a clam!

    Are those dapples?? TOO CUTE! Moms pally does that in the fall too.

  2. Yeah, the other picture I took really showed it well, but I'll have to upload it later tonight.

    Yup, I really like the stall. I think she has the best chance of staying sane in there. Lots of light and fresh air, and with the little critters around she should be ok. I hope... I was going to get her one of those hanging ball things, but I might see how she does first. So far she seems happy with the hay.

    Those are indeed dapples! :) Isn't she just super cute? I love dapples on a palomino.