Monday, November 9, 2009

Teeth Day

Lilly got her teeth floated today. Here's how she felt about it...

The vet that did her teeth took a look at her leg. She said she thinks Lilly will probably come back at 100%, but we need to take it really slow. I'm definitely ok with taking it slow. I've decided I'm not showing her at all next year and will give her all the time she needs to recover. We'll pick back up with the showing later when I have my horse back.

Tomorrow Dr Elaine comes out to evaluate Lilly's progress. I'm quite anxious to see how she thinks Lilly looks.


  1. haha, a bit tipsy, Lilly?? I hope the vet gives you a good report tomorrow!

  2. Just catching up on my blogs - I'm so sorry to hear about Lilly! She is pretty cute when she's stoned, though :)