Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crazy Weather

Yesterday it was about 43 degrees outside. Last night it dipped down into the low 30's, and right now it is 75 degrees outside. Tomorrow we're back to a high of 45 degrees. And people wonder why I don't blanket my horses... how are you suppose to blanket for that!? Unless someone de-blankets and re-blankets for me numerous times per day, they'd either be hot or cold. So I prefer to leave them "naked".

AJ has shelter and a wooly teddy bear coat. Lilly is in the stall, so she has shelter whether she wants it or not, but less of a coat than AJ. AJ is a Michigander, and unless it gets really cold here, I leave him unblanketed for the entire winter season. We didn't blanket him in Michigan, so why would I need to blanket him in North Carolina? I try not to interrupt nature's natural way of doing things. He is getting older, so I keep an eye on his weight, and will blanket in extreme cold weather, but it's only for a day or two.

People at the barn think I'm mean...

I enjoyed the weather today, but won't be so happy about it tomorrow. Can we postpone winter? Please?


  1. Can I come visit? That sounds lovely! Well, maybe not 75 to 45, that's a bit extreme, but it's way better than below freezing ;)

  2. -4 f here right now. We think 35 is balmy!