Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Few Pictures From Today

Here is my attempt at taking a picture of me and Lilly. I thought more of her head would show up. :)

Here is the wild pony on her walk after 57 days of stall rest. LOOK OUT!! SHE'S CRAZY!! :)

And finally, remember how I said she gets poop all over herself in the stall... Yeah, here's what I have to deal with. How does one little pony manage to get so much manure all over herself? HOW?!


  1. Oh, that last pic is tooooooo funny. Why do we have Paints? Why didn't I get into dark bays? To keep Cowboy Magic and their Green Spot Remover in business, that's why!

  2. LOL! I have no idea! At least if I was going to get a Paint I should have chosen a minimal white overo instead! :) I need to buy stock in Cowboy Magic, that's for sure!


    She is out of control!!!

    Haaha <3 I love paints! I need to find a way to get their brain into dressage horses. lol!

  4. haha you two are too cute!!

    And even with poo on her she is so purty! ;)