Wednesday, December 2, 2009

JCHSS Results

The Johnston County Horse Show Series results are in, and Lilly and I did really well! I wish we could have made it to the last show, especially since it was a double point show, but we still accumulated enough points to win some awards.

In the halter division, which includes the halter and showmanship classes, Lilly and I tied another exhibitor for 6th place. So we'll win a ribbon of merit.

In the adult division, which for me included the english GAYP and english walk/trot equitation classes (and it also includes 2 western classes that we didn't show in), we ended up with 5th place overall. So we'll win a ribbon of merit for that division as well.

In the all-around division, we ended up in 16th place, with a total of 181 points, which doesn't win us any awards with the series, but I think we had an outstanding year! I'm so proud of us! :)

There's another surprise too, but I want to wait until after the awards banquet to share that one with you! ;) I'm SUPER excited about it, though!

I'll really miss showing her next year... :( Perhaps I can show Beau, though, and Lilly and I can come back full speed ahead for the 2011 show season.

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