Sunday, December 6, 2009

She's Doing Better

I took Lilly for a little walk the other day. She isn't supposed to be moving around a whole lot, but she needed some sunshine and some grass. I was hoping it would help with the swelling in her back leg and in her udder as well. The pictures in my last post are from our walk.

So as of Saturday, the swelling in her leg was gone, but she still has swelling in her udder. 50% isn't bad, right? I also noticed after our walk that her messy rear end hasn't been quite as bad. She's still messy, but I haven't felt the need to wash her again with the hose.

I don't know how a horse can have solid stool, but lift her tail every so often and spray the walls... or have it run all down her cheeks and legs until it drips from her ankles. It's gross, I know, and I'm sorry. I'm just frustrated. Seems like if it was going to be runny, it would be runny all the time.

She does drink a lot of water... I noticed today that the barn owner got her a giant muck bucket for her stall to be used as a water bucket. We had two 5 gallon buckets in there before, but assuming they were filled in the morning at feed time, they needed to be filled again when I visited around noon, and then probably again at dinner. Only to start all over again the next day. So someone is tired of filling water buckets... but it makes me wonder. She was on pasture before so I really couldn't monitor her water intake before, but now that she's stalled, I can see just how much water she is drinking. I wonder if that has anything to do with it... could she be drinking too much water?

I've had blood work done on her and everything came back normal. I have no idea...

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