Monday, December 28, 2009

Things Are Better Today

Thank goodness!

Miss Lilly was doing much better today. She was still concerned about her new boyfriend, but she was much more calm and actually seemed more interested in me today. She was being such a love bug.

I filled up her hay bag, changed her wrap, picked her feet, and then we got ready to go for our walk. The stall she's in has a wooden 2x6 across the bottom of it that the door rests against and she hits that thing every time we step out. Today was no different... she about fell flat on her face. *sigh

She and I had a really good walk today. The sun was shining, it was warm, and I could tell she was really enjoying the walk. I did some reading yesterday about horses on stall rest and different rehab programs and a lot of people were asking for helpful ideas to keep their horses from rearing and going crazy when they took them out of the stall for a walk. Not Lilly... her eyes were half shut and she was anything but hyper. I let her stand in the sun for a while and take in the sights, sounds, and smells. I scratched her withers for a while and she could easily have fallen asleep.

Next she ate some grass, then we headed back to the stall. She was quite dirty and must enjoy rolling around in the stall all night because she's always got manure all over her. So I got my curry and started brushing. She loved it and that lip was going crazy. "That's the spot!"

Then I tried to clean up her behind a little bit... it was dirty from her being in heat and from the diarrhea. That seems to have stopped for now, but I wanted to get the dry stuff off. Unfortunately, it accumulates between her cheeks and the hair gets coated. The only way to really get it off is to curry it... even with washing, because it gets matted. It isn't as bad in the summer because she has a summer coat, but when the winter hair starts coming in, the manure just sticks. So needless to say, she HATES that (I would too, and I try to be as gentle as I can). She usually picks her leg up and pretends that she is going to nail me, sending me across the stall, but she never does. Then she'll try to hide her butt against the wall. Today, however, she kicked that leg out a little bit and her immediate reaction was really funny. When she did that, I yelled "NO!" to her and smacked her on the butt. She had a look on her face that said, "I know... I'm sorry... it just sort of happened!" Her head was hanging, her ears were droopy, and she was watching me out of the corner of her eye. I wish I had the camera because it was a priceless look. So I went to her head and gave her a hug... poor pony. I decided we had done enough de-pooping for the day.

She got lots of hugs and lots of kisses today. I think if she were dog sized she would have climbed into my lap. She was content just to stand with me, her head in my arms. She seemed to enjoy my company today more than usual. When I left to walk back to my truck she whinnied... so of course I turned around and got her another cookie. You should have seen her face! I couldn't say no...

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  1. Oh good! And your walk sounded devine! I'm sooo pining for spring! LOL, I would have given her another cookie too!