Friday, December 11, 2009

Trim Time Again

6 weeks comes and goes quickly around here! It seems like the farrier was just out, but Lilly and AJ were due again today.

We did AJ first and he was a good boy. He has such a hard time holding his hind legs up in the cold weather. (It was only 36 degrees today!) My farrier is really good about it, though, and works with AJ to get his hooves trimmed as best he can. It's always the left hind he has the most trouble with. AJ does better about his leg when I shovel cookies in his mouth, though. :)

Being that is was super cold today, Lilly was feeling GOOD. I brought her out of the stall and could tell she was a ball of energy. She didn't jump around or act badly, but I could tell she was ready to rock and roll if I'd just let her go. It is really wet at the barn because of all the rain and I was worried that she was going to slip, and because she was sniffing and snorting the whole way to the barn, I was a nervous wreck. Then she DID slip! She spooked at something about half way there and she slipped in the wet grass. She looked like a rocking horse with her front legs way out front and her back legs way out back. It even took her a minute to get her feet back under herself. I hope she didn't do any damage to her tendon. :(

She was spooking at EVERYTHING. It was like she forgot about everything in the world except what she could see from her stall.

Me: "That's just Tucker... He's a dog. Remember Tucker?"
Lilly: "SNORT, SNORT!! What's a dog??"

She was a really good girl once she was safely under the lean-to. Her shoes were reset and she had her pad put back on too. Our walk back down to the stall went much better than the walk up, although she was still full of it.

I'm terrified of the day she gets turned out again! I'll be ready with the camera!

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