Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ultrasound Results

Today was the big day... Lilly's 30 day ultrasound! (Even though it was a little more like 40 days...)

When the vet arrived she examined Lilly's leg and we both decided it was significantly less swollen since she saw it last. Lilly has the "bump", which has been there for quite some time, so that doesn't count toward the swelling caused by the lesion. She thought it looked really good.

She asked me if Lilly was still sound and I told her I had no idea. I walk her around and let her eat grass, but she doesn't move enough for me to say whether or not she's lame, and I certainly don't trot her. So the vet suggested we take her to the arena and longe her a bit. The look on my face must have allowed her to read my mind which said, "are you crazy?" She said, "don't worry, we'll give her some acepromazine". So ace her we did, and while we waited for it to start working, the vet shaved her leg and got ready to do the ultrasound. When I took Lilly to the arena, I could tell she really wanted to be bad. She was shaking her head around, but just couldn't muster the energy to do much else... At least at the walk. When I asked her to jog she hopped around a bit but didn't get so crazy that we had to stop. The vet said she looked great tracking right, but was a little off tracking left, which makes sense since it's her left leg with the issue.

Next was the ultrasound. Getting a good picture was difficult, and we plan to do the next ultrasound in the afternoon when it is hopefully less COLD. So there is still a hole in her tendon that is obvious. It does, however, have tendon fibers running through it, so it's filling in, but it hasn't filled all the way in as I hoped it would. Compared to the last ultrasound, there is significant improvement, and the lesion is smaller, but there's still that hole. I wanted it to be all filled in, but the vet assured me Lilly is where she expected her to be, or slightly ahead of that. I thought perhaps with the plasma treatment the tendon should have completely filled by now...

So tomorrow I start hand walking her. 5 minutes a day for the first two weeks, then increased by 5 minutes each week until I'm walking her for 30 minutes a day. Then we'll ultrasound again in 2 months and assess her progress then. So at least 2 more months of stall rest.

The vet thinks we're still on about a 6 month time table to get her back to 100%.

I got some ultrasound pictures but they didn't scan worth a crap on my scanner so I tried taking photos of them, and that didn't work either. I haven't figured out plan C yet, but I'll get them on here somehow.

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  1. Well! Good news at least, although I know you wanted it to be BETTER news. I'm glad the vet thinks she is on track, if not better! How will you find the time to walk her? 30 minutes (when you get to it) would have me getting up quite early since I get home after dark. (so not a morning person!! lol)