Sunday, August 15, 2010

90% Better!

If I had to put a number on it, I'd say Lilly is about 90% better. She's still pretty lame when I turn her around in circles (in the stall or in the wash rack) but she is definitely much more comfortable today. I think some of the lameness is from the missing shoe.

She was looking so well I decided to pass on the bute today. Hate that stuff...

Her hoof is starting to look pretty icky, so I wrapped it up today, but I didn't put the wet poultice on her hoof hole. I just put a dry pad over the hole to pad it from the wrap. I want to see how things look dry, so I'll check that out tomorrow.

My farrier is supposed to come out tomorrow at around 3pm. I'll be getting ready for work and won't be able to meet him out there, which I hate, but we were thinking she'd be better by now. I'm even running out of poultice pads and Vetrap because the vet and I decided that 6 days worth would be more than enough.


I plan on calling my vet in the morning to see if she wants me to postpone the shoeing or go ahead and have him put the shoe back on as scheduled. I think it would definitely help with her lameness but I don't know if it needs to stay off for wrapping purposes.

I've been grooming Lilly while her hoof soaks since she's decided to do me the favor of standing still while it soaks. Her lip just goes and goes, so I figure she's decided it's a good trade off. She is still shedding like crazy!

I have to use a broom to sweep up all the hair when I'm done with her.

I must admit that it's going to be difficult to turn Lilly back out on pasture at the end of the month. I'm really loving this whole stall board thing. I get to the barn and my horse is waiting in a clean stall, with fresh water. She's clean, white, and not sweaty... it sure is nice. :)

I still haven't heard back about exchanging/returning my halter. I'm really getting irritated... when I was looking to purchase, I would get email responses within 5 minutes (not kidding...) and I haven't heard a peep from these people since last Wednesday. The policy for returns/exchanges states that if it's less than 14 days since the item was received, it is returnable. If it's after 14 days, only in store credit will be issued. So I'm not sure if they're trying to hold out for the 14 days so I can't return it or what. I just want to get a bigger size!! At this rate, though, I might just return the halter and move on since they've suddenly decided I'm no longer worthy of their time. I'm going to be calling them in the morning as well.


  1. Hey girl! sorry Im so behind. I was SO SAD to hear about Lilly and her abscess, UGH. I bet your like, didnt we just do this??

    Anywho, glad she is healing well! (Hope you get the halter situation fixed soon)

  2. Finally!! I am sooo glad she's finally better! Now let's get that last 10% better, and no more abscesses!
    Why can't I ever spell that word correctly??

  3. Hope Lilly continues to improve and gets back to 100% soon. We have a Lily, too - she's a gray QH/Oldenburg cross and is now retired in TN.

    And thank you very much for visiting and following along.