Thursday, August 12, 2010

Abscess, Shedding, and Halters

Same old, same old...

Lilly wasn't any better today than she was yesterday. Her hoof is pretty mangled, though, and she's not used to being shoeless. So I'm guessing that some of this lameness is probably due to the fact that she's not shod. That was a big part of her lameness the last time she had as abscess as well.

There is still quite a bit of fluid around the area where her abscess hole is. It looks like there's still a bunch of stuff that needs to come out. I wonder if all the nasty is going to come out of the hole that's already there, or if she'll end up with more than one hole? It's a pretty large area...

In other news, Lilly is shedding her summer coat like crazy! It's mostly her white hair but I ended up with piles of hair on the ground after I got done brushing her. I had to keep knocking the curry on the floor to get all the hair out. I've never had a horse shed as much as she does in the summer.

In halter news, I got an email back about my halter and they sent me this picture of the proper way I should adjust Lilly's halter.

My other halter was too big to properly adjust on her head, so it was nice seeing how her halters should look. The problem is, either the halter is too small, or the moons are causing all my problems. I adjusted it like the picture shows and the moons were resting right on Lilly's cheek bones. She acted quite uncomfortable, so I either have to keep the halter and leave it like I had it adjusted yesterday or return/exchange it for something else.

Considering the cost of the halter, it's going back. I might try a horse size or I might just return it and look for moon-less halters. I'm still waiting to hear back about the horse size halters. They're not as quick to return my emails when I'm trying to return as they are when I'm trying to buy. ;)


  1. Wow. It's cool that they helped you with the fit, but if the correct fit is uncomfortable for Lily it's doubtful she'll show well for you. Poo. Was that their only suggestion? Not another size?

    I sure hope her foot heals fast. You deserve a break from this crap!

  2. That was my thinking too... if she's uncomfortable in the halter, she won't be listening to me when we're doing our patterns.

    I emailed about another size, so I'm waiting to hear back about an exchange. I really like the halter so it would be nice if I could try the bigger size.

    Thank you! I'm quite bummed about this whole hoof thing... missing these shows really sucks, and I'm tired of my horse being lame.

  3. Oh, drat! I was really hoping she'd be remarkably better when that wretched thing ruptured. Drat! I can't beleive you guys have to go through more grief! Drat!
    Well, you sure knew best about the halter. I thought it looked good, but according to the company's own diagram, the fit isn't even close. Gr.

  4. Drat is right! LOL

    Yeah, the halter just doesn't fit right. It's unfortunate because I really like it... I'm hoping a horse size fits her head better so I can still have that silver pattern.