Friday, August 27, 2010

I Used to Like Goats...

Lilly's leg looked really good today. It looks like what was affected is healing and there isn't anything new.

She got all her meds and I cold soaked her for 30 minutes. After the leg is soaked, the scabs dry and peel, so it's really easy to pick them off. I got quite a few of them, and the skin underneath is pink, but is actual skin. So once the scabs are off, she should be good.

She got lots of turnout today and I was willing to stay with her longer, but after about two hours I found her standing in her stall. I always leave the door open so she wandered in there to take a drink and decided to take a snooze. :) Guess she was done with the sun and the bugs.

I decided to get AJ and give him a bath while she was grazing. He did just what I thought he'd do in the wash rack, and that was FREAK OUT. It must be related to his cataract, because he's fine outside and has never minded a bath, but inside the wash rack he just goes crazy. He was so uncomfortable that he was prancing in place... goober.

So I took him outside and gave him a bath. He won't stay clean for long, but he seemed to enjoy it.

Here he is with Lilly, munching grass after his bath. Notice anything missing?

Go ahead... look again. I'll wait.




Here's a hint:

See it now?


I can not believe it!!

I showed the BO, and said, "I believe your goats chewed my horse's tail off." He acted very surprised and continued to tell me how he saw some of AJ's tail hairs stuck in one of the buckets.

Sorry, buddy... THAT did not happen because his tail got stuck in a bucket.

So while I'm mourning the loss of AJ's once beautiful tail, I'm glad it was his tail and not Lilly's tail. (Hers has finally reached the ground!) It also gives me the opportunity I need to really put my foot down about the goats. I made it perfectly clear that Lilly is never to be turned out with goats. Never, never, never... And I prefer that the goats be removed from AJ's pasture before they chew off more of his tail.

I think he's going to move them into the lane between all the pastures. Fine by me, as long as they're not in with my horses.

I just can't believe it.

Time to buy some MTG, I guess. :(


  1. Can't you find another place to house them? This place is starting to wear on the nerves.

  2. NO kidding, I agree with Rain. This guy doesnt even seem to care.

    Glad to know that she is healing, those first pictures were gruesome!!

  3. The facility itself is so nice that I just keep thinking, "well, this should be the last of it..." Only, it seems to be never ending!

    This is the 5th place I've had my horses since living in NC for 4 years... I wanted to find a place I could really enjoy.

    No luck so far...

    It is for sale, so maybe someone super great will buy it? Know anyone that wants an NC horse farm? It's really nice!! ...

  4. Glad her leg is doing better - it looks very much improved!

  5. Boy, that looks sooo much better! You must feel much better too.
    Poor AJ's tail! But maybe it's a blessing in disguise - the BO couldn't possibly argue about the goats after that.

  6. AJ's tail was very pretty before!!! Glad Lilly's leg is healing up!