Thursday, August 26, 2010

Less Swollen...

With great anticipation, but also a lot of hesitation, I unwrapped Lilly's leg. Not sure what I would find, I was merely hoping for something that looked better than it did yesterday.

Here's what I found:

I think the scabs look worse and the black area is bigger than it was yesterday, but the swelling is pretty much gone. The swelling I was dealing with before is still there (why?), but less swelling is definitely a good thing. I guess I would expect the scabs to look worse as the skin dies, but I hope it doesn't get much worse.

I cold hosed her for 30 minutes again today and it really loosened up the scabs. Lilly let me know they still hurt, though, and I wasn't allowed to pick them off. She did let me clip her leg and I got some of the hair around the black parts off.

I think it looks better after the hosing and clipping:

Just for the heck of it, I took a picture of her now healed abscess.

Look at the line on her hoof... just like the vet said, it's a big one!

She got her antibiotics, her steroids, and her bute and was NOT a happy camper. Why did I keep squirting things down her throat?! I let her drink from the hose and eat some cookies to wash the icky flavors away.

I was on the fence about wrapping her leg after applying the cream. The thought of the bugs getting on those scabs made me ill, so even though the swelling was down, I decided to wrap her up again. The vet said it was ok to use a quilt and standing wrap (I wish I had some pillow wraps...) from here on out as long as her leg was super dry before putting them on. I think I'm going to leave her wrapped until this is all over. I don't want dirt and bugs on that leg.

She didn't get much turnout time because the Stanley Steamer guys were there to clean the carpets upstairs, so the gate was open and their stupid van was in my horse's turnout spot. I was able to turn her out for about 15 minutes to stretch her legs and eat some grass.

When I went to get her to put her back, the little brat ran from me TWICE... I know she's tired of being in the stall. I'm off from work tomorrow, so she should be able to have a lot more time outside to play.

AND, SillyPony's genius idea of a sign was the perfect solution!! I stopped at the Wally-World on my way to the barn and got a magnetic dry erase board to hang near her stall.

It says, "No turnout" and has my cell number so there are no more excuses! Thank you so much for the idea!


  1. Hey her leg looks better than it looked in the other pictures! Hope it heals soon :)

  2. The leg does look better - hope the healing continues on track!

  3. You are more than welcome, of course, but I took the idea from someone at my barn!

    There was an article in Horse Illustrated today (October issue) about Cellulitis. Timely.

    I hope you enjoy your time with her tomorrow, maybe you can finally get some camera time!

  4. Thanks everyone!!

    And thanks again, SillyPony. It's a great idea, and I think I'm going to suggest it to a couple other boarders who keep taping paper notes to their horses' stalls!

    I stopped getting HI a while back, but I might have to pick one up from the store... I haven't found great articles online about cellulitis (that aren't filled with veterinary terms I don't understand) so it would be nice to read about it in a magazine.

    Very timely indeed. :)

    And yes, hopefully tomorrow I can just sit around the barn and practice with my camera while Lilly eats grass. Sounds like a good day to me!

  5. Oh yah! Improvement!
    Looking at the pasture in the photo of Lilly outside, the place looks beautiful.

  6. Terry, it is a beautiful place... it's very well kept too. It would be better without goats, though. :)

    Thank you, SillyPony!!