Monday, August 2, 2010

Moving... Again!

I got to the barn early this morning. Well, early for me. It was cloudy and cool, but I could tell it wasn't going to stay that way for very long. I grabbed the last little bit of stuff I had in the tack room and hooked up my trailer.

Lilly saw me coming to her pasture and started walking up towards the gate. I gave her a cookie and she happily chomped it while I exchanged her fly mask for a halter. AJ was so busy munching grass that he hadn't even noticed me. I led her out of the pasture, tied her up at the trailer, and went back for AJ.

He was without his fly mask as usual, but I happened to see it laying on the ground not too far from where he was grazing. He walked over to me and started trying to rub his dirty face all over my shirt. No matter how many times I tell him no, he will still try. You never know... I could have changed my mind!

I haltered him and walked him up to the trailer to be with Lilly. She nickered when she saw him, but he was too busy trying to steal grass and keep me from tying him up to nicker back.

I quickly groomed them both and wrapped their legs. AJ got blue polo wraps and Lilly got the uber expensive shipping boots I got her but never use. It's always too hot for those things. They're humongous!

AJ says, "Where are we going, mom?"

Lilly looks thrilled as always. It was funny watching her after I put the boots on. Luckily, I'm fairly quick on my feet because after Velcroing the last strap, she shot her leg out sideways to try and get rid of the boot.

We arrived at the new barn about an hour later. I cheerfully turned my trailer around in the giant parking lot and then backed up closer to the barn. (I am going to LOVE being able to turn around rather than having to do a 12 point turn with my trailer while trying to squeeze it into its proper spot.)

The horses were unloaded and the BO came out to meet Lilly and AJ. He helped me with both of them and we temporarily put them in the small paddock area in front of the barn. They munched grass and introduced themselves to the other horses while I filled out paperwork.

We could see them grazing outside from the lounge area (yes, a lounge area... with A/C, a TV, couches, a fridge, and a nice big table!) and he asked if they had been pastured together. I told him they had and he said, "I thought so because they seem to be attached at the hip."

"Yup, they're best buddies," I replied.

"Well, if you want," he said, "we can pasture them together in the bottom pasture."

I had really been hoping he and I could work something out so they could stay together. At first, he was adamant about keeping the mares and geldings separate, but with the horses he has right now, he said it works out perfectly to have them together, in the lower pasture. I am just thrilled!

While I was filling out the paperwork, the BO and I talked quite a bit. He's such a nice guy and seems genuinely concerned about his boarders and their horses. I think we sat in there and talked for over an hour.

I feel very good about my decision to move the horses. I told him how I was skeptical about moving because the place is for sale, but as he pointed out, he has horses too, and there are the other boarder's horses as well. So if someone comes in and buys the place, we can all band together and beg to stay!

Once the paperwork was filled out, he helped me take the horses down to their new pasture. We couldn't get Lilly turned out fast enough... she took off running and bucking, with AJ not far behind. They finally stopped running when they realized there was delicious grass growing beneath their hooves.

Like I mentioned, they are best buds. It makes me so happy to see my horses together. AJ was so lonely and left out for so long, but Lilly seems to really enjoy his company.

There are goats on the property. The BO has a whole pasture full of them, and they are so cute!

"Do you mind if I put a couple goats in with your horses to keep the weeds down?" he asked.

"I don't mind," I said smiling, "but the horses might!"

"In a couple days," he said, "once they're settled in, we can see how they do with a couple of my goats in there."

"I'll have my camera ready."

Lilly and AJ used to live with goats when we were in Virginia, but that was many years ago, and judging by Lilly's reaction, I don't think she remembers that period of her life. She stood like a statue staring at them. She even snorted and blew at them. Anytime they would respond with noises, she'd stick her tail up in the air and prance circles around AJ.

"Oh noes!! Those demons make noises too?!" I'm sure he thought she was crazy.

After entertaining ourselves with my crazy horses, the BO and I headed back up to the barn to discuss feed. Once we decided what to do about that, he helped me move some of my things into the barn. I told him I'd be ok moving it on my own, but once he saw my big tack box, he insisted. I was grateful for the help!

Here is my new wash rack... complete with cold AND hot water, a drain, and a sink.

I think AJ would stroke out in there, but Lilly will love it. If I need to give AJ a bath, I'll have to find another place to do it.

This is the grooming area.

There isn't enough room in the tack room for my giant tack box, but he said I could put it along the wall in this area so I'd have access to it when grooming the horses.

I parked my trailer in the lot and had to take a picture. It is sitting on stones, in an easily accessible area, where hooking up and unhooking the trailer will be a breeze.

It's like heaven. :)

On my way out I decided to stop and take a couple pictures of the arena and the barn.

I was pretty darn far away from it, and I still couldn't get the whole thing in the picture! I bet those giant lights would illuminate it like a football field! Too bad I work second shift. :)

The barn is very modern and new on the inside, but I like how it looks like an old, red barn you'd find on a farm.

I think I'm going to like it here!


  1. Wow - what a gorgeous place!!! Glad you got them moved safely and they are settling in well!

  2. Wow, wow, WOW! That place is awesome! You and Lilly and AJ are going to love it!

  3. That's such a pimp place to board! You AND your horses will be in heaven.

    Be careful your horses don't adopt a goat like mine did. ;)

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm so excited to be there... and I feel very good about the decision even after all the worrying I did in the beginning.

    Funder, you crack me up. It is pimp, though, isn't it? :)

    Hmm... good point about the goats. It might be helpful for AJ when I take Lilly away for a show, though.

    I hope the goats don't eat the horses' tails off! I'd DIE!

  5. I think you made a great choice. Augghh, I want to go there (when I have a horse, that is) ;).

    I love the goats and Lily's reaction to them - silly girl!!

  6. Awesome!!! So excited for you! That place looks like heaven!