Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Play Time!

I gave Lilly a bath today. She's pretty clean already from being in the stall but since she's been shedding so much I thought she could use a nice, warm bath.

Something I've always noticed but never really pointed out, is how she has specks all over her neck and chest. It isn't noticeable unless she's wet, but then they really stand out. There are light colored ones and dark colored ones that look black.

It looks like she has mottled skin, but I can't seem to find much information about it on Paint horses, just Appys.

Her tendon is still swollen, but I believe it is slightly less swollen than yesterday. Wishful thinking maybe, but I'll take what I can get!

After her bath, I turned her out to eat some grass while I cleaned her stall and refilled her water. I happened to glance out at her and saw her rolling around. I tried to get my camera but it takes FOREVER to turn on and get ready to take a picture. By that time, she was done rolling and bucking but was still running around a bit.

She hasn't been turned out in the pasture yet. I haven't been able to get ahold of the BO so she's still on stall rest. I think I'd rather she stay in for a bit longer anyway. When she was playing around she was still quite gimpy.

She sure was enjoying herself, though!


  1. Could be sabino showing through - if you want to know, check with Pinzgauer at Drafts with Dots - she's been doing an interesting series of posts on color genetics.

  2. Junior has a couple of those dots!!!! I never really thought too much about them, but they are there whenever I hose him off. He doesn't have as many as Lily, though. He does have the Sabino patterning within the Overo category. Interesting!

  3. Thanks, Kate! I've been over there reading and she's got some interesting genetics information. I've always had an interest in genetics.

    SillyPony, Lilly's chest is covered in them... and some of them are light and some of them look black. It's really interesting!

    She does have a fairly large patch of white on her chin and from what I've read, that's not a tobiano characteristic, so maybe she's a tobiano-sabino blend.

    I might have to have her tested now that my interest is piqued! It's only $25...