Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Room At the Inn

I can't take it anymore... I can't stand to see my horse standing out in the pasture all by herself because she's too sore to follow AJ around grazing. I'm tired of seeing her standing in the hot sun, far from the water, wondering if she's drinking enough because of her hoof. I'm done, done, done.

So I called the BO and he came out to the barn to chat about getting Lilly a stall for the time being. We went out and got Lilly and AJ so we could put AJ in the pasture with the other geldings to hopefully keep him quiet while Lilly adjusted to being in her stall.

He helped me hose her off and then he got her stall ready. I wanted her stalled near the mare that's only allowed out at night because then during the day she'll be with her, and during the night when Baby is out, she'll have the other horses in the barn to keep her company. Hopefully that'll keep her quiet.

The stalls are really nice with half doors, but Lilly was a bit anxious, so we had to latch the top half of her door. Maybe tomorrow she'll be more relaxed and I can open it up so she can put her head outside.

She has a nice fan in there to keep her cool, and a nice window in the back to look outside.

Once she had settled a bit she finally noticed the fan and started to position herself in the path of the fan's air. She would back herself up underneath it just right so it was blowing on her back. It was pretty cute. :)

Meanwhile, we never heard a peep out of the pasture were AJ was. So I looked outside to see him standing with a horse named Lenni. I think Lenni picked AJ to be his best friend, and AJ was only tolerating the new friendship. Lenni was biting and sniffing and licking... and he was doing all of these things in the most bizarre places. AJ's knees, AJ's hind pasterns (I was waiting for AJ to kick the poor guy in the head), AJ's rear end, and AJ's... ummm... well, AJ's most private area. And AJ was just standing there!! Eventually he threw a squeal and a kick in Lenni's direction, and then stood at the gate staring at me like, "please help me mom!"

After a thorough examination, I guess AJ passed the test and they walked off together to eat some grass... best buddies!

AJ says, "Lilly who?"

The BO said he'd let AJ pick who he wants his best friend to be and then probably move the two of them back down to the pasture where AJ was before just so there aren't so many horses on that one pasture. So tomorrow I'll see if Lenni is still AJ's friend of choice.

I'm considering calling my vet tomorrow to at least talk with her. She doesn't have to come out necessarily, but I'd feel better if I could just tell her what's going on and see if she thinks it could be anything else or if we should do something else for her. I'm also going to stop and get some Epsom salts to soak her hoof. It can't hurt.

I do feel a lot better knowing she's in a stall. That way she doesn't have to walk around to get water and her dinner. She's out of the sun and away from the bugs too.

My poor baby. :(


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Welcome to the Thirties!!! It's not so bad here. ;)

  2. Poor Lilly! It sounds like the BM is being helpful. I'm with you on calling the vet and picking her brain. And I'm glad AJ has a new buddy 'til Lilly gets back out with him, hopefully soon.