Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Look what I found in Lilly and AJ's pasture today!

GOATS!! I was hoping to be there when he moved the goats over (I'm sure it would have made for some great pictures) but looks like I missed out. The goats were in one area and the horses in another. They didn't interact in the least and I wonder if they'll become friends?

I put Lilly's halter on and led her out of the pasture. AJ seemed nervous and started to whinny to her almost as soon as I latched the gate. Then he took off running. That's the ONLY bad thing about them being such good buddies, and being the only two in the pasture.

As I led Lilly up the lane, I heard "ka-chink, ka-chink, ka-chink"...

Hmmm... sounds like a loose shoe to me.

Once we got to a better area with less grass, I could see her shoe was indeed loose. Super... guess I won't be riding her today! I wanted to get that first "new place" ride out of the way. You know, like the one we had at the last place. The one where she is so worried about AJ that she can't concentrate and I'm irritated to no end. Now it'll have to wait.

I decided instead to give her a bath in our new, fancy wash area. You can see how unsettled she is... listening intently for AJ to whinny to her, so she can scream back at him right into my ear.

I started hosing her legs off and once her hoof was clean, I could see we had a bit more going on that just a loose shoe.

Exhibit A:

Luckily (or maybe not) the clip is still holding the left side of the shoe on, but she has ripped that entire portion of her hoof off! How the heck is my farrier even going to get a shoe back on? And where are the nails?

Thank goodness she's not lame, but geeze! I'm not sure if bell boots would have helped or not, but I'm thinking about pasturing her in those again. My suspicion is that when the BO moved the goats over, she had a panic attack and ran around like a wild banshee and managed to step on her shoe somehow.

So while I was giving her a bath, AJ was also running around like a wild banshee and had himself quite worked up when I finally brought her back to him.

Sweaty much, AJ?

I'm hoping that this will be the only day for such shenanigans, at least on Lilly's part. It seems like the first time she's taken away from him makes her nervous and uneasy, but once she's put back with him, she remembers that she is going back, and he will be there, and doesn't care nearly as much the next time. We'll find out if my theory holds water the next time I'm there!

It's hard work being a complete goober...

"So tired..."

No matter how tired she is, though, she's always keeping a watchful eye on those demon goats.

I called my farrier about Lilly's little problem, and instead of coming out Wednesday like we had planned, he's coming out Friday morning. I'm so grateful to have him for my farrier! Always willing to squeeze me in.


  1. Oh no! Let's hope it's just cosmetic, and your farrier can just reset the shoe and patch ir with some acrylic filler. Boo!

  2. AJ was probably like "Don't leave me alone with these Goats! AHHHHH"

    I don't know what it is with grassy pastures. My mom's horse cannot keep her shoes on - they are constantly coming off, and they are pastured in grass/dirt/field mix of a pasture...I hope Lily's hoof is easily repaired and that you'll have a problem free first ride at your new barn!

  3. Boo is right! I have two shows coming up and I hope he can get a shoe back on her.

    LOL, JJ! That's probably EXACTLY what he was thinking!! :)

    Yeah, the new pasture seems more damp than their other pasture. And we've been getting a lot of rain too. Time to go back to the bell boots I think.