Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things Are Going Well

I didn't have time yesterday to unpack my trailer and get my tack moved in to the new place, so I was very excited to head out there today and get organized. I was also anxious to check on the horses and see how they were settling in.

Yesterday the BO had made a few comments about things he was going to do for Lilly and AJ. He needed to fix a part of the fence, get the grain moved down to the shed by their pasture, get a trash can for each of the bags of grain, put up another feed bucket, and get the info chart posted in the shed. I was happy to see that everything had been done! I was amazed and impressed. This place is wonderful.

There is a spring fed pond in their pasture that serves as their water trough, and I wanted to make sure they were drinking out of it. I could tell Lilly was because her legs were covered in mud (she's a water bug), but I wasn't sure about AJ. I took him by the fly mask and walked him to the edge of the pond and he walked right up to the water, so at least I know he isn't being a chicken about the pond. There were hoof prints all around too, so I'm sure they're both drinking.

Here they are by their pond.

I was able to get all organized and get my trailer cleaned out. I can set it back up to be like it was before I started moving around, which is nice. I should only be hauling one horse around for quite a while (I hope) so it's nice to have things in there back to normal.

I did notice I'm missing my nice Kensington hay bag... it was full of hay and I had set it in the bed of the truck with a bale of hay and a bag of shavings for the journey to the new barn. I find it hard to believe that it blew out, and that I didn't notice, but I don't know what else would have happened to it. I haven't seen it since putting it in the bed, so there's a free hay bag, complete with hay, somewhere on Interstate 40 between Raleigh and Apex!


  1. What a great picture! That's awesome that the BO got all of those things done so quickly!

  2. I bet it blew out. That is the
    thing about a gooseneck trailer, lots of air flow in the truck bed and under the nose of the trailer. I have lost some stuff like that before too. A friend of mine left some fishing poles and tackle in the back of his truck under the gooseneck. We were following him down I40 and I kept seeing all this fishing stuff in the road. I was running over it before I realized it was all blowing out of his truck!!!!!

  3. Sounds like it really IS a great place, yay! Love the pic. Dainty horses drinking out of ponds are hysterical, IMO - hope you get to see AJ tanking up.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful place. I love that pond! I hope your hay bag turns up.

  5. Thanks everyone... I'm really enjoying myself. The pond is really neat but AJ has never been one for water. Time to start acting like a real horse, buddy!! Make your ancestors proud! LOL :)

    And I do agree that my hay bag is probably lost forever. :(

    I nearly lost a pair of PC boots when they went flying out of the back of my truck. Luckily I saw them fly out and stopped to go get them. I never dreamed my heavy haybag would get sucked out.

    I have a spare but it's blue... ew. Can't have a BLUE haybag when Lilly's color is hunter green!! The horrors!