Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Vet Said...

My vet graciously came out today to take a look at Lilly. It's her day off but since she couldn't come out yesterday she came today and didn't charge me the emergency call fee. I was very appreciative.

We did a lameness exam and she thinks Lilly is still a little off on the abscess foot, but nothing substantial. Since there wasn't any lameness with the puffy leg she wanted to ultrasound it to make sure the tendons looked good.

The ultrasound showed nothing out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, Lilly's tendons are UGLY because of her check ligament surgery and her recent tendon lesion. There's a lot of scar tissue in there so getting a good picture is a challenge. My vet had looked at the ultrasounds from earlier this year so she'd have a good comparison and the only thing new we saw was an area of darkness on her check ligament. Since Lilly had that cut, we're fairly certain it isn't anything. She's going to double check the other ultrasound pics just to be sure.

So since all scanned well, what's causing the swelling? We don't really know. She's not lame and the tendons look good, so it could just be irritated from the trauma involved with the abscess, or maybe she irritated it at the same time she ripped her hoof. She said the swelling might be around for quite a while or it could go down in the next couple weeks. It's hard to say.

To try and help the swelling go down, I have a $65 cream to apply to her leg once a day.

She wants her to have some turnout, but no more than 12 hours per day and she wants me to keep her leg wrapped, especially when she's turned out.

I think Lilly is just so thoughtful... I got some hoof wrapping practice in, and now I get to practice wrapping her leg again. Don't want those skills to get rusty!!

Look at that superb wrap job! ;)

While I had my vet handy, I asked her if she's ever seen any goat caused horse injuries. I told her about the goats and why I think this all started and my fear about what could happen. She said she's never seen anything involving horses, but we did agree that Lilly could cut herself on air.

So for the time being, she agrees no goats. We don't want her running around until she's had a few days of quiet turnout. So maybe I'll rethink my goat position... maybe.

The best news is that she cleared me to start riding again. She said take it slow and don't do anything that's too difficult for Lilly but at least we can get back out there and start riding again. In honor of such good news, I posted what I've worked on to be my first 2 weeks of conditioning rides. For now I might have to skip the pole work, but I think the rest of it would be ok to do with her.


  1. Sorry to hear she's still having issues. I learned how to wrap pretty well too last year when my horse was laid up for 4 months and injured himself twice while he was supposed to be turned out to heal an unknown lameness issue. I hope you get to go to shows again soon.

  2. Glad she doesn't seem to feel too bad and that it doesn't look like anything too serious - hope all is well soon!

  3. 1. I love the new halter, and agree it looks much better!
    2. Stupid abscesses! I wouldn't worry about it now, but if she keeps having them you might want to toy with the idea of pulling the shoes. Key got maybe four abcesses one show year WITH shoes on. Pulled the shoes, he got one more, and hasn't had any in... three years? And that's with showing all over the New England area, on whatever footing they have. It definitely takes a while for the hoof to get stronger, but once it does it's usually worth it. Just a thought--I don't have any experience with keeping shoes on AND having no abscesses! lol
    3. I know my goats have never ever hurt the horses, and they wander in and EAT out of the BOWLS (they all have death wishes). Only one has horns, but they're all pretty afraid of the horses. (Maybe because Key has FLUNG them out of the pastures...). Not sure if that helps you, but I have no problems letting my goats out with the horses.
    4. Lilly may get hurt on air, but she is SO darn pretty. <3

  4. You have email. Due to me getting new computers both at home and at work my scanning ability is temporarily on hiatus, so I had to photograph the pagess. They should be in order based on the file name. This book was first published in 1946 and hasn't been updated since 1963.... so we're talking OLD SCHOOL.

    The halter does look MUCH better!

  5. Thanks, Bandit. Aren't our horses considerate? Making sure we learn all these essential horsey things? So thoughtful... LOL

    Kate, thank you! She's had so many issues here lately I just never know with her.

    Hi DIJ!! Lilly's abscesses have both been related to her shoes, but also involved other circumstances, so I'm hoping this is her last one! (hoping...) I would love it if she could be barefoot but I don't know how long it would take her feet to get tough enough so that I could ride and she could walk without being lame. I might have to consider it, though, if this stuff keeps happening.

    Goats are bad! LOL I'm sure I'm just being a worry wart, but with everything she and I have been through I've deciding erring on the side of caution is the best idea for both of us.

    Thanks, SillyPony! I'm definitely going to put the old school info to work. Looks like some great information.