Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cold Therapy


I bring to you my highly scientific cold therapy device! (Patent pending...)

Peas were even on sale this week, so I got two bags. :)

I may end up buying cold therapy boots of some sort depending on how this all goes. It wasn't easy holding a wash cloth over the back of her leg while also trying to get her bag of peas situated. Then I had to try and keep that in place while I attempted to wrap it all up with a polo wrap. It seemed to stay on ok, but one good fly stomp and I think it would have slid down her leg.

While she was being treated, I trimmed her mane and clipped her bridle path. Now she looks all ready to go to the state fair! Oh well, at least she'll look pretty in her stall...

Pretty girl!

Regarding the Surpass, her leg looks ok so far. No redness or anything to be seen, so I applied it again today. Last time, the irritation didn't show up until about day 3, but hopefully she'll be ok this time.

AJ is now with his previous pasture buddy, Lenny. They get along pretty well, but I noticed AJ is still going to be at the bottom of the totem pole. Lenny made that clear right off the bat. If AJ was a dog he would have rolled over on his back and piddled on the ground...


  1. I have these cold therapy things you soak them in water for twenty minutes or so and then the thing goes on just like a splint boot with velcro closure. Cheaper than ice boots. You can use them over and over. Just need to let them dry out completely before storing them.

  2. You are inventive! Rising Rainbow's boots sound good. I'm icing my shoulder with reusable cold compresses from Ace. You keep them in the freezer, they can go straight on skin, and the goo inside is non toxic. They work for me real well, especially when I do non-doctor approved activities.

  3. PS - Lilly looks beautiful in her stall. I hope AJ's pasture mate treats him kindly, and they become friends.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Lilly's diagnosis. I sure hope she recovers quickly. She is so beautiful!
    We use ice boots and Game Ready at work. I have been wanting to get some ice boots for home. I would love a Game Ready, but that is extremely expensive.

  5. Rising Rainbow, I haven't seen any boots like the ones you describe. I've seen ones that look like splint boots, but you insert an ice pack instead of soaking Do you remember where you got them? I'd be interested in checking them out. Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks, Terry! Lilly settled right in much quicker than last time. Almost like she felt at home in there. :)

    Thanks for the well wishes and also for the compliment, Paint Girl! I've seen that Game Ready system... umm, DROOL. It's only $4900. :)

  6. The only benefit of stall bound is your horse will be so properly groomed and ready for 'best in stall show' ribbon. ;)
    When I had to ice Laz's legs..I poured ice in baby diapers and loosely wrapped w/ duct tape (vet showed me how to do's tricky..i would rather have a boot system).
    Wishing a fast heal for you guys