Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Interesting Development

My vet called late this afternoon about the ultrasounds she was going to look at before officially diagnosing Lilly. She said she had looked at all the old ultrasounds but wasn't able to look at the ultrasound taken in August because it's digital and still on the ultrasound machine, which is in the other vet's truck. She said she'd be able to get those pictures off the machine on Monday.

Then she went on to apologize because the injury Lilly had back in November was not a DDFT injury... she had incorrectly diagnosed it as such, but it was actually an injury to Lilly's inferior check ligament.

At this point, my mind is spinning in 100 different directions...

She said the original ultrasound was extremely difficult to read because of all the inflammation and scar tissue Lilly had from the surgery and she originally thought it was the DDFT. After the initial diagnosis, we had moved on to treating the injury, not diagnosing, so she didn't give it much thought after that.

She said the treatment would have been exactly the same no matter which tendon or ligament she injured, so other than giving me incorrect information, there was really no harm done.

At least not then...

However, when my other vet was out doing the ultrasound in August, she was checking to make sure Lilly didn't have another lesion on her DDFT. So of course the DDFT looked good because it had never been injured. It was noted how awful the ICL looked, but neither I nor my vet thought twice about it because we were both concerned about the DDFT.

Dr Elaine said if we had been looking at the correct ligament, Dr Tracy could have identified that we actually did have a fairly significant issue because the ICL looked so poor and she had all that inflammation. I wouldn't have been given the ok to put her back out in the pasture and I certainly wouldn't have been cleared to ride.

So I've been riding my horse with a ligament injury!! The whole point of the ultrasound was so that I did NOT ride her with an injury and that's exactly what happened anyway.

That's why I wanted Dr Elaine to do the ultrasound in August but she was too busy to come out right away and I wanted one done quickly...

She said she won't know for sure if the ligament has gotten worse since August or not until she can see the scans, but she feels terrible about the whole thing and has credited my account for the cost of the ultrasound she did yesterday.

So the 'good news' in all of this is that Lilly is back to only one soft tissue injury in her leg instead of two. If it has been the check all along, I suppose that's better than having a DDFT injury AND a check injury.

I told her about the swelling I mentioned in my other post and that Lilly was much less lame today to see what her thoughts were and she said it's possible that the ultrasound had a therapeutic effect on her leg. It could also just be part of her leg's healing process. Either way, it's a good thing of course.

We discussed the shock wave therapy and I asked her if there were any alternative options. Since shock wave therapy doesn't need to be applied immediately in order to be successful like the plasma treatment, she said we can give Lilly some time to see how the tendon does before spending the money.

So she's coming in tomorrow to go on complete stall rest and we're going to give her 30 days to see how the ligament does. During that 30 days I'll be icing her leg twice a day (hopefully...) and applying the Surpass cream (barring any unforeseen circumstances) for the first two weeks. After two weeks, Dr Elaine will come back out to see how the leg is progressing and if after 30 days it's not looking better, we'll start the shock wave therapy.

The roller coaster continues...


  1. Oh, no! I'm so sorry - this really sucks. Hugs!

  2. WHAT???? I'm sure your head IS spinning! Good grief! At least she's honest, and you know what's going on now, but good grief!

  3. omg what frustration! Ok..well yes I guess I'd rather her be honest and go from their instead of dealing w/ egos and wrong info. Best of luck!

  4. Oh GOOD GRIEF! Poor you and poor poor Lilly. I'm sure you are so dissapointed, and now with all this info! I'm praying for both of you, I hope it all gets worked out soon.

  5. Oh my word! My head is spinning just reading this. Prayers for you and Lilly, this is too much! At least you have the correct diagnosis now, and can go forward from here. Poor Lilly!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    I'm glad it didn't have an effect what we did for her during her 6 months of rehab, but I'll be upset if it ends up being a factor in her recovery this time around.

    I appreciate her being honest, because she could have easily kept it to herself. I also appreciate the account credit... I need all the help I can get!