Friday, September 17, 2010

More On That Tendon...

I was hoping to hear back from my vet today, but it looks like it'll be Monday.

I took the Surpass cream with me today to apply to Lilly's leg per my vet's request. I plan on taking a very close look at her leg tomorrow to make sure the skin doesn't start looking irritated. I sure hope not, but if there's any red at all I'm scrubbing her leg and stopping the cream.

I took some pictures of her tendon too, and I think it looks strangely different. The way it looked prior to the ultrasound is how it looked in the last pictures I posted on the blog. The swelling was more bulky up at the top of her cannon bone. Now it looks like there's either more swelling, or the swelling has spread out over more of her leg, but the giant bump isn't there on the inside anymore. Or maybe it is but her leg is more swollen so it's not as noticeable. I'm not sure which.

She is also less lame today, which is definitely a good thing. I jogged her a couple different times and barely noticed the slight limp she had.

I don't really know what to expect this time around. Last time, Lilly was only lame for a couple days and then she was sound, but we knew she wasn't healed because we could see the gaping hole in her tendon on the ultrasound. There's no lesion to watch this time around, just ugly ligament fibers, so will we know it's better when the swelling resides? Perhaps the lameness part of it is going to be over here shortly and I just happened to catch it at it's peak? I'll have quite a few questions for my vet when she calls.

I'd also like to thank everyone who posted yesterday wishing Lilly well. I really appreciate all the support I get from those of you who take the time to follow along with Lilly's story. It has been a really rough year for Lilly, but your positive thoughts and suggestions really do help keep me going, especially in times like this.

In the comments, Dressage in Jeans mentioned turnout as a method of rehab instead of stall rest. That exact thought had crossed my mind because I've heard of people turning out horses who have bowed tendons and just letting them be. 6 months to a year later, the horses are sound.

I'm always torn because I feel like I should follow my vet's suggestions, but if I asked another vet he might say turnout would be better. Then another vet would suggest something completely different. I'm just afraid turnout make it worse or prolong the injury if she's not rested since she seemed to be doing better before the turnout and exercise. I do see how rest would weaken the tendons and ligaments, but hopefully the hand walking and slow return to work strengthens them before the horse is returned to regular riding. Key word there is hopefully...

I definitely appreciate all the suggestions and I'm going to talk to my vet more about it when she calls to see what is best for Lilly. I'm not keen on spending another $1000, but I'll do whatever it takes to get my girl back to a normal life.

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