Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quick Update

Despite the gorgeous weather, I didn't have time to ride today. That always seems to be the case... when I can't ride her, I have all the time in the world. When she can be ridden, suddenly I'm swamped with appointments and errands that need to be done.

Today I had to take Lilly's chariot in to be serviced. (That would be my truck... lol) It was due for service and needed an alignment. Thankfully it's done now and one more thing I can check off the list.

Since Lilly tore up her other bell boots, I stopped at Tractor Supply to see if they had any of the pull on bells, but they didn't. I ended up getting a pair of Velcro ones anyway since they were only $12. I figure anything is better than nothing, and if she rips them off, I'm not out that much.

Her shoe looked good that my farrier fixed yesterday. He went out to the barn when I couldn't be there, but said she was a good girl. Now we should make it to the 23rd when she's actually due for a reset.

Her tendon looks extra swollen today. The swelling has moved around her leg and is now also on the other side of her leg. It still doesn't seem to bother her, but it looks awful. I didn't have the camera with me to get a picture, but I'll take some more. I like to keep a record of how it looks for comparison.

Do you suppose a judge would say anything to me about the tendon? Or even disqualify me from a class if I showed her like that? It is very obvious that there's an issue/was an issue with her leg, but she's completely sound... I figure halter is certainly out of the question, but what about showmanship and riding classes?

I'm planning to call the vet tomorrow to schedule a time for shots and coggins. The barn has a day planned so we can all split the farm call, but her coggins will expire by then and I need to send in her paperwork for the state fair. No way it'll be back by the beginning of October if she doesn't have it pulled until after October 1st. LOL So I'll mention the tendon again and have my vet take a look when she comes out. I'm going to try and get the vet that saw Lilly through her lesion, since she's the most familiar with it.

I'm just glad she's sound and happy out in the pasture. AJ seems to be doing just fine too. He's still a little on the thin side, but looks to have gained a few pounds so far. The heat is pretty hard on him, so hopefully once we get some cooler fall weather, he'll plump right up in time for winter.


  1. For the show, and since your vet is already coming out for coggins, I would ask the vet to give a writen documentation that he/she has examined the horse and it is capable of showing/riding. Bring that with you in case someone asks or there is a dq. It may be helpful to have the vet also write a brief bit about her previous injury. Just so everyone knows that she has been treated and vet says everything is ok :)

  2. Ebay might be a good place for ugly used ones that will be perfect for grungy turnout. EquusNow in town has a used room and I picked up two pair for my barn mate at only $5 per pair. Her horse is tough on them in turn out, too.

  3. Hmmm... two very good ideas!

    Milo, that's a really good idea about having the vet write something up. Hopefully nothing will happen, but if I get DQ'd or someone gives me a hard time, I'll have documentation to end the debate. One less thing for me to worry about.

    I hadn't even thought about eBay, SillyPony. Why, I have no idea, but I'll definitely browse there as well! For this pair, I wanted something now, but in the future it would be nice to have some in reserve for when (not if... lol) she rips one off in the pasture.

    Thank you, ladies!

  4. Paj goes out every day in bell boots, and I've been through the search for ones he won't destroy in 15 minutes. Every time he killed his, I'd buy a different brand. I think it's a matter of finding a pair that fits (you know, like the glass slipper since Lilly is a princess and Paj is a prince). Anyway, the pair he has now is about a year old. They are just regular white velcro bell boots, but them seem to fit him well.

  5. LOL Terry! Our horses ARE royalty, aren't they? :)

    I will give the Davis ones I have credit... they lasted quite a long time. The bottoms of them were all ragged and finally Lilly just ripped the Velcro piece off. She wasn't in turnout 24/7 with them, though, but now I think I'm going to leave her in bells all the time.

    I like the Davis ones too because they seem more flexible and less likely to rub on her.

    I thought the pull on kind might be good because they don't have Velcro to rip off, but I quickly lose my patience trying to get them on and off. :)

    We'll see how these "specially manufactured for TSC" boots fare.

  6. I work in the Arabian show world, and conformation and old injuries do not matter in performance classes, at all. As long as the horse can move properly for what class it is showing in (western, english or hunter) then the judges do not DQ, or not place a horse because of any faults due to conformation or old injuries. Only in halter does that matter.
    I am not sure what the Paint show world is like when it comes to that kind of thing, but I agree with Milo, have your vet give you documentation to show that she is sound, just in case. Is there someone at APHA that you could call to ask about judging and the injury? In Arabs, we call USEF for any questions that need to be answered about the shows. They have all the rules and regulations and are very helpful!!
    We use the Davis bells with velcro for our horses turnout (at work.) They seem to last quite a while, but we do have to get the velcro repaired quite a bit!

  7. I don't think a judge would say anything unless Lily was moving off. I think it's a good idea to get a write up from your vet, just in case :).

    EBAY is an awesome idea - I frequently buy and sell there.

  8. Thanks, Paint Girl! I was thinking halter is definitely out now, but was hoping the pleasure classes and showmanship would be ok as long as she's not lame, which she isn't.

    The State Fair show is an APHA approved show, which is the one I'm concerned about. The little open shows I go to don't worry me quite as much.

    Thanks, JJ. :) I guess I'll make sure I get that write up!