Monday, September 13, 2010

She's a Pig

I took an old banana and a super ripe pear to the barn to treat my horses. Lilly won't have anything to do with bananas, but she loves a pear. AJ will eat anything, so he was happy to pick up the banana slack. :)

AJ barely has enough time to chew and swallow before he has to start sucking on his tongue.

Good stuff! Lilly wanted the whole pear for herself since she didn't eat any banana, but she had to share.

AJ still looks too skinny to me. He was gaining weight while Lilly was on stall rest during the month of August, but now that she's back out in the pasture with him, he looks to be losing weight. I'm guessing their food is dumped in separate buckets and then the feeder leaves. With Lilly being at the top of the totem pole, I think she's most likely eating her food and his. AJ gets more than she does and eats slower, so without supervision, she probably gets to eat twice.

I had emailed the BO about it, but haven't heard back. When I was out there yesterday I found out from a couple other boarders that he's not living at the farm anymore. It's for sale, and he and his wife were separated, but are now back together and apparently he's living with her somewhere else.

That explains a lot...

So we were all talking about trying to convince the BO to let us run it like a co-op. It's such a nice place and has so much potential, we think we could do a much better job. I don't know if he'll bite or not, but I'm hoping.

I got an appointment with the vet on Thursday morning for fall vaccinations, coggins, and a leg check. Hopefully that all goes well!


  1. We are having this exact same problem with Milo and his pasture mate Jake. Jake is 26, gets lots of meds, extra grain and eats slow. Milo finishes his quick than goes and eats Jakes (not steals...Jake doesnt really like his grain to begin with). We are thinking that Jake will only get meds put on evening grain (not morning) and when I am there (almost every evening) I will feed Jake, pull Milo to ride/whatever, than feed Milo when I put him back away. We just have to get the feeders to leave the buckets down at the pasture so this could work.

    The co-op would be cool!!

  2. Ohhh - I hope you and the other boarders are able to convince the BO to co-op.

    Aj is so cute - I love his tongue sucking pics :).

  3. Yeah, I don't have high hopes for the co-op, but I'd love for it to happen. Guess we'll wait and see.

    I think I'll have to start doing that as well, Milo. I don't always get to the barn every day, but when I do, I think I'll feed AJ an extra helping of grain when I take Lilly up to the barn. She won't like it, but he will!