Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Icing

The peas are starting to annoy me... they're the cheapest method of icing her leg and I really wanted them to work, but with all the flies flying around, Lilly just can't keep her feet still.

*peas start sliding*
*peas slide some more*
*there go the peas*

I have to keep putting them back into place so I'm sure her leg isn't getting the proper ice down it needs.

Time to move on to plan b...

Except I don't know what plan b is quite yet. I think I'm going to get some of those ColdFlex bandages and see how they work. That way I can keep researching boots but hopefully have something that works well in the meantime. Perhaps I'll like them so much that I end up using them exclusively.

I do think some of the general swelling in her leg is down. The ligament (I have to catch myself because I'm so used to saying tendon...) area of her leg is still swollen, but it seems to be more localized. The Surpass hasn't jacked up her skin yet, so maybe it's actually working.

I let her out of the stall to graze today. I told her she had to be quiet or she was going back in, and she was. She just walked around eating grass and being nosey.

The other day I noticed she had a touch of diarrhea again (she sprayed the walls in her stall a bit. hehe... right after the BO power washed the barn. LOL) so I put her tail up in a tail bag. It seems to be better now, thank goodness, but I'm not sure why it started to begin with.

The BO wants to charge me $20 more per month to increase AJ's grain by 2 lbs per day, so in addition to the increased grain, I also got AJ some additional supplements to help him along.

He didn't have a salt block until I bought him one the other day (why not, BO?), but from what I've been reading, salt blocks were made for the rough tongues of cows and horses most likely don't get enough salt from the blocks anyway. He seems to sweat a lot too, so I got him some electrolytes that can be fed on top of his food. They're apple flavor but I was concerned that AJ might not eat them. I put a scoop in my hand and offered it to him... he licked it up and gave it the AJ stamp of approval by sucking on his tongue.

I also bought him some Weight Builder. I wanted to get these things added to his SmartPak but it was going to take too long and I wanted to start feeding them right away. I probably won't stick with the Weight Builder when I order the new SmartPaks. He did like the Weight Builder flavor too, though, so hopefully it won't keep him from eating his grain.

I need to start a picture log of his weight progress so I can tell if he's gaining anything.


  1. Let's hope this rehab goes quickly. My jockey neighbor has a $3,000 tall boot for Rooster. It pumps cold water through, pulsates, does everything except make coffee. He says we can use it if we ever need it. Let's hope we don't.
    What about a weight tape for AJ? They are very cheap - sometimes even free with a wormer purchase.

  2. Wow, I need a neighbor like that! :) I do hope you never have to use it, though!

    I forgot all about weight tapes! I'm so used to having fat ponies it never even crossed my mind. I think I even have one stashed in my horse trailer somewhere.

    Probably a little more accurate than eyeballing his weight, huh? LOL Thanks!

  3. I read that the red blocks are for cows, and the white or blue blocks are good for horses and have more of what the horses needs versus the needs of cows. Milo has a white block. :)

  4. You can somtimes get thouse ice packs at the drug stores, sometimes if you ask a really nice pharmacist they might even give you some of the ones they pack the drugs in for free :)

  5. Thanks, Milo! I've heard that the apple flavored ones are bad because horses might like the taste so much that they bit off chunks... but I usually see horses licking the red blocks. I'll definitely have to do some research!

    Interesting, Justaplainsam!! I'm pretty good friends with the head pharmacist as CVS, so I might ask him about that next time I'm in. Thanks!