Sunday, September 19, 2010

Therapy Boots

I've been thinking it might be a good idea to ice Lilly's legs on a more frequent basis. Without getting ahead of myself as I always do, I'd like to think that one day she'll be back to regular work and icing after our rides might be something I need to add to the routine to help make sure she doesn't injure herself again. That being the case, a washcloth, a bag of peas, and a polo wrap isn't going to cut it.

So I've been shopping around for some cold therapy boots for Lilly and I was looking at these boots from Ice Horse:

The little ice inserts stay cold for up to two hours and you just toss them back into the freezer once you're done. Because Lilly's injury is so far up on her leg, I'm not sure they'll sit high enough on her leg to ice the area I need iced. Other than that, I like them and they run about $80 for a pair.

Then I stumbled across these Professional's Choice Ice Cells.

You just freeze them and put them under your SMB boots for instant cold therapy boots! I would still be concerned about the height of the ice packs, but two of these run $20.

I'm actually a bit surprised there aren't a thousand ice therapy boots to choose from...


  1. I'm a big fan of the Ice Horse ones - and they do come in different sizes, covering different parts of the leg. They're also a lot more durable and better made than some of the others - of course that means they cost more too. I like their ice inserts better than the square cell ones - they mold better to the leg and I think their coldness lasts longer.

  2. I hope you are happy with whatever you choose!

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  5. Thanks, Kate. Interesting point about the square cell inserts... I see what you're saying. If they're frozen, they aren't going to mold around the leg quite as well as an ice pack that resembles my peas. :)

    I don't mind spending the money on something that I'll use a lot, that works, and that will hold up.

    Thank you, Blessed Rain! Me too! :)

    I was looking at those, SillyPony. I like the idea of them because I can wrap them anywhere I want, and I think you can cut them to whatever size you want. The only downside I saw was that I'd probably go through one per month... I think I might get one to try anyway, though. She has small legs, so I might be able to make one last 2 or 3 months and if they work, they're worth it! It's nice to see someone else who uses them and loves them!

    Thanks for the suggestions!!

  6. What about making your own custom shaped things? I've seen fake blue peas in the pharmacy. You could stitch them into channels of a piece of fabric like the ice squares or maybe they need to stay in the plastic? Hmmm. Maybe worth a stop at the CVS? Or maybe not.