Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Animal Communicator

I've had a few conversations recently about animal communicators, and SillyPony asked if there was a post about the ones I had done on Lilly and AJ.  I had those readings done before I started this blog for Lilly, so there's no post, but I think it would be fun to share the results now!

I believe it was early 2008, and a lot of my horsey friends were having their horses done.  Most of them were using animal communicators on their horses to resolve specific issues and they had great success.  So I scheduled an appointment too, but I should note that I was doing this just for fun and I didn't have any specific issues to inquire about.  I simply wanted to see what my horses had to 'say'.  It was $50 for a 20-30 minute session with each horse.

Some of my friends said I was wasting my money and that these people are scam artists.  I suppose she could guess a bunch of stuff about horses in general and have it apply to a large number of horses, but I wanted to give it a try. 

I called the lady from a parking lot during my lunch break.  If I were to do it again, I'd want to be at the barn to watch the horses and see if there were any signs they were being spoken to.  She seemed really nice but wasted no time getting down to business.  She asked for my horses' names, their ages, and what color they were.  I guess the color was so she could make sure she was talking to the right horse.

We started with AJ.

The first thing she does is 'go inside' their body to look for medical issues.  She said AJ's bladder and lungs were working hard but his other organs seemed relatively healthy.  She said his vision was changing in his right eye, which I suppose could be true, but I later found the cataract in his left eye.  She said she saw a lot of 'gristle' and inflammation when she got to his hocks.  AJ told her his left hock is most sore, but applying cold helps.  I assumed this was related to his arthritis, but it seems like cold would have the opposite effect.  She also said his right hind ankle was big and stiff.  It is thanks to Lilly...  she kicked him there once and it hasn't been the same since.  He also told her to ask me to check him for a bean, which I did, and found two of them in there.  Sorry AJ!!  She also suggested I make an appointment for him with the chiropractor, which is still on my list of things to do.  I want Lilly and AJ to have an adjustment done.

Once the medical stuff was over, she started talking to him and said he has a very high opinion of himself.  He kept showing himself to her as a younger horse rather than how he looks now.  She kept seeing him in his prime, when he was muscled and shiny and he wanted her to acknowledge how nice his hindquarters looked.  She kept calling him AJ and she said he finally corrected her and said his name is actually Joker.  He doesn't mind that I call him AJ, but he wanted us to know his real name.  She said he's a trickster, has a great sense of humor, and his energy is much younger than his actual age (so true!).  She said if she had to pick a celebrity he resembles, she would choose Robin Williams.

She said he seems very smart and AJ told her he can do it all.  He told her that he made me earn the ribbons we won, and when I put people on his back that don't know how to ride, he only does what they make him do.  He misses the quality time we used to have when we were showing and he wants me to spend more time making him look handsome.  He doesn't mind being retired and living outside, but likes it best when there aren't bugs.  He also likes his food on time and enjoys when I scratch his withers.  

He is very jealous of "the bitch", which she figured meant Lilly, but AJ refused to call her by any other name.

She only knew his name, his age, and his color, yet she knew about his hock problems and his large ankle.  She knew we used to show, and that he is a handful for people who don't know how to ride.  He does have a great sense of humor and is very young at heart.  Lucky guesses?  Perhaps, but I enjoyed hearing what 'Joker' had to say.  :)

Lilly was next (of course).

At the time of the reading, Lilly was with a trainer.  I was taking lessons from him and he was using her to work some of the horses he had in for training.  They were problem horses and he was riding her in the round pen with them.  We were hoping it would build her confidence.  She was quite healthy at the time and this was before we encountered all her recent medical problems.

The communicator said Lilly had a sore neck, a sore right front ankle, and some areas of her teeth that were uncomfortable.  She also said Lilly had an injury to her left stifle that happened many years ago that still bothered her on occasion.  You may remember me talking about how she gets 'stuck' sometimes.  I'm not sure if that's her left or right side, but she also has a scar on her left stifle from an accident she had with a stall door when she was a yearling.  She tried to jump over the door and her back legs got stuck.  Other than those few things, she said she was healthy.

Once they started talking, she laughed and said that Lilly thinks she's hot stuff.  She had a hard time reading her because all Lilly kept saying was, "don't you think I'm pretty? I'm so pretty! Mom tells me I'm pretty!"  Everyone always tells her she's a pretty girl, and I guess it has gone to her head.  She's a bit of a prima donna and thinks the world revolves around her.  She said Lilly is very sensitive and loves being spoiled.  She said Lilly is a bit immature and her maturity level is that of a 5 or 6 year old.

She said Lilly kept going on an on about the horse trailer.  She said she always has to brace on her right side and she doesn't see a reason why I even have a trailer.  (Guess I'm stopping too fast?)  She said Lilly loves going to the shows because all eyes are on her, but there's too much fuss and nonsense that goes into preparing for them.  She gets tired of going round and round in the arena.  She especially hates it when horses come up behind her.  She thinks that's very rude and disrespectful.

This next part was very interesting and I didn't know what to make of it at first.  Lilly told her that sliding stops were painful and she hates doing them.  I told the lady that Lilly doesn't do sliding stops and I wasn't sure what she meant by that.  She said she wasn't sure, but Lilly wanted her to tell me so she could stop doing them.

She said Lilly loves me very much and that I have been a great mom to her since our very first day together.  Awww...  :)  

A few days after the reading, I was visiting Lilly at the trainer's place.  He was riding her and I was watching some of the things he was doing with her.  He started talking about how he thought she would be a good reining horse and said that he'd been working with her on sliding stops..........

That made me a believer.


  1. Wow. Would you email me her contact information or post how you found this person? It's not in my budget right now (you know, with those stitches to pay for) but I am intrigued!

  2. I sent you an email SillyPony. :)

  3. I too would love to have that information! I have often wanted to "hear" what Jetta has to say...but am so afraid of being taken for a to speak. ha! I do believe that there are people who can and do have an ability to translate for us, but there are so many that lie about it and make things up.

    I laughed out loud at AJ only referring to Lily as "the bitch." I think that is freaking hilarious!!!!

    Oh, so glad to hear the Lily is on the mend and that things are temporarily quiet at the barn. It's so dang frustratiing at times, isn't it? Hope things keep in the right track for you both, err...three!

  4. That is so cool :) I don't know whether I'm a believer yet or not in that kind of stuff, but I do find it totally fascinating. If/when I have a horse, I will look into getting a communicator, if anything it would be fun!

  5. I would like the information as well for the future. I dont know about if I believe it or not, but I would love to hear what Milo did have to "say".

  6. I think there are probably a good number of scammers out there... and I do wonder how exactly they can 'communicate' with horses since we all know horses don't speak english. From what I understand, it's more with feelings, emotions, and images that the communicator gets from the horses.

    I did it for fun, but a lot of the stuff she said really made me wonder if maybe she really was chatting with Lilly and AJ...

    Her name is Bonnie Fogg and her website is There's a good bit of information about her and what she does there. She came recommended to me by a bunch of fellow horse owners, so I didn't feel like I was getting a random scammer from the net.

    Please do share if you have your horses done. :)

  7. I used Su Burnett,

    She was right on, knew he had a problem with one eye and got his personalty bang on. I posted rough notes on my blog. Its intresting to 'hear' them sometimes!

  8. Wifey had a reading done on ours. She approached me by saying, "You're gonna be mad at me, but I want you to listen." I rolled my eyes a lot while I listened. But....the communicator said some things about my Hank that really had me thinkin. Things that only me and him know about. Am I a believer - oh heck no. Can I explain the things that were said - oh heck no.

  9. I read yours just the other day, Justaplainsam. It's one of the things that prompted me to post a blog about mine. :)

    I really enjoy reading them. I think it's neat!

    I think Hank told that communicator all about you, Cedar!!