Friday, October 29, 2010

Bad Horsey?

I noticed yesterday that Lilly had a pretty nasty scrape on her hip...  it wasn't just your typical "hair came off" scrape.  It was so icky I had to bring her in and wash it off.  It looks pretty good today, but she acts as though it's pretty sore.  Nothing catastrophic, but yet another boo-boo to add to the list.

A number of days ago I emailed the BO about the hay and boarding situation.  I was waiting for him to respond but he hadn't emailed or called as I had requested.  (Shocker!)  This morning when I went to the barn I found AJ standing on a pile of hay!  The BO had put a round bale out in the pasture for him...  wasn't that nice?  I should be happy, right?  Well, I'm not.  I think he found the WORST round bale he had on the farm and dropped it out there.  AJ was eating some of it, but there wasn't a lot of good stuff to be found.  Most of it was wet and dirty, and some of it was molded.  That's why I hate round bales...  they sit out and get ruined in the weather.  I'm trying to decide if I should ask him to remove it...  the last thing I need is for one (or both) of my horses to colic.

For those of you who feed round bales, do they just eat around the crappy parts?  I've never boarded anywhere that used round bales before...

On top of that, he also included this in his email:  "Lilly has been very anxious to get out of her stall in the mornings. She almost runs over me and has caught her side on the door latch. Just wanted to let you know to be careful. I have had to ease her out of the barn step by step."


I don't doubt she's rushing out of the stall, since I found the nasty scrape on her hip, but you have to walk her out step by step?  Funny how she's been on stall rest since the beginning of August and I've NEVER had a problem with her rushing out of the stall.  I took her out of that stall every day.  Sounds to me like someone has someone's number...

So I told him to quit turning her out in the morning and I'll let her out when I go in the afternoon.  I prefer it that way anyhow.  I'll take my lead shank with me to the stall just in case, but I'm willing to bet she walks right out like the sweet pony she is.  Monday she'll be going back out on pasture board with AJ anyway, so there's only a few more days of this.

I emailed another boarding place, but I haven't heard back.  I've actually seen this one already but when I visited she only had room for Lilly.  Her gelding pasture was full.  She has another ad on craigslist for pasture board, so I'll give it a shot.

One other place that's a little on the high side has an ad for limited pasture board, so I may give them a call as well and see what they have available.  The pictures look nice, so it has potential.

This is all so frustrating...


  1. We put round bales in our night turn-out pastures so the horses have something to keep them busy at night (these particular pastures aren't great on grass). Anyway, the yuckiest parts of the round bale are usually the outer-most layers of the bale, and therefore we peel away all the moldy and yucky hay until we get to the good stuff. The horses just trample the icky stuff and don't even mess with it. We've never had any problems with horses becoming ill from moldy hay from the round bales--horses are usually more selective about what they eat outside and pick around the moldy stuff. Unless the entire bale looks terrible, I wouldn't worry too much about it...

  2. I tried peeling away some of the outer layers, but the bale had icky hay even on the inside because of the top and bottom of the bale...

    Hopefully they only eat the good stuff and trample the bad stuff.

    Thanks for the info! :)

  3. We check all our round bales on delivery - if they're moldy or bad our hay supplier takes them back. Cattle will accept hay that's a lot lower quality than horses take - horse bales have to be stored under cover or in plastic so they don't get wet. Sounds like your BO doesn't know what he's doing.

  4. I'm pretty sure the bales he feeds come from his own field... he just doesn't store them anywhere out of the weather or even cover them up.

    He either doesn't know what he's doing or doesn't care...

  5. I'm so sorry this is sucking so bad for you, i2p. :( I feel for you.

    I fed round bales in Memphis, but I fed barn-stored ones and I just unrolled wheelbarrowfuls and brought it to the horses. I didn't put a whole bale in the paddock.

    In OB, the barn owner eventually put out some terrible round bales when we field boarders complained loud enough. Some of them were AWFUL. One was literally 10% hay, the rest was baby trees and blackberry canes. I came out every day and fed my guys separately, but they worked the good stuff out of the round bales anyway.

  6. You'll feel better if you have a Plan B for boarding, even if you stay where you are.

  7. Thanks Funder... sometimes I think this guy does these things on purpose. "she wants a round bale, she'll get a round bale... a really crappy round bale!" AJ is finding some hay to eat, but his eyes were a little goopy today and I wonder if it's from the dust and stuff?

    I hope so Terry! I'm working on Plan B now... if I can just get it to come together!