Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I went to the check out the co-op on Sunday afternoon. My first impression was that the place was a bit run down. The grass wasn't mowed, the fences didn't look very sturdy, and the barn was nothing fancy. The stalls weren't matted, but the essentials were there, and they appeared to be safe. There would be plenty of room to store hay, grain, and tack, but compared to the place I'm in now, the facilities were far from impressive.

The 'arena' was a grass area that used to be a pasture, where I would also park my horse trailer. And, there are cows... I'm a bit worried about those cows. Lilly doesn't like cows, and she and AJ would be pastured next to them.

The coordinator was REALLY nice and I enjoyed talking to her. The farm has some silly rules even though she kept saying how it was all about taking care of your own horses and doing what you think is best for them... as long as it doesn't go against any of the many rules they have in place. A lot of the stuff is common sense and it's sad that they actually have to spell it out for some people.

Bottom line, I don't think it's worth it for the price. Having to supply all my hay, grain, and shavings would add quite a bit to my board bill, and I don't think I'd be happy with the facilities there. AJ would also be required to be in a stall when the other horses are in the stalls. I don't want him stalled that much.

Also, because I have 2 horses I'd have to do twice the feedings as those with one horse. And I'd be going over every day to clean my stalls.

My dad suggested I stay where I am and go over every day to check on Lilly since that's what I'd have to do at this new place anyway. Then I wouldn't have to rely on someone to tell me when my horse is hurt or sick. I do that now, but I would like to go on vacation at some point, and things could happen after I leave that no one would call me about. I still want to move my horses. I don't like what I saw and what has happened and I'd rather spend my money somewhere else. It's a shame because my current barn is so nice, but I have to think about my horses.

I have a few other places to check out, but I'm going to double check with the vet before I make any decisions. I might just make due for now and wait until Lilly is off stall rest. Maybe by then the place will have sold... Until then, the black and white Paint mare's owner and I have agreed to take care of each others horses like they're our own. It should help ease my mind.


  1. Hard decisions - but the place you looked at doesn't sound like it meets your needs.

  2. I think your dad is right for now. If the place is different but not necessarily better you're probably better off staying until there's a place you really like. The biggest thing I've heard from people about self-care boarding places is that the time they once spent riding or grooming or just hanging out becomes time spent doing the chores.

    You two look adorable!

  3. Sounds like you have a good plan for now. Sometimes that's the best way to do things.

  4. I would just keep waiting it out until you find the perfect place. I know for Milo, moving too much stresses him out. You want to move to a place that fits yours and your horses' needs. It doesnt sound like the co-op fit the bill.

    But IMO, I would rather put my horses in a safer happier envrionment if that meant that the facility wasnt exactly up to what I wanted. Because I know if Im unhappy about the barn situation, it makes me just that much unhappy when I am there, which translates over to my horse.

    SO personally, I would stay where you are, but keep diligently looking for a better place to go. Hope things work out soon.

    And PS, your comment on the cows just killed me!! Personally, I would keep my horse next to cows perposefully if they didnt like them because what better way to get them acclimated than to live right next to them?

  5. I think you're smart to wait for a better place. Good fencing is so important. Unsafe fencing is a deal breaker for me.

    Is the guy at your current barn the manager or the manager/owner? Maybe a change in management is what that place needs, since the facility looks so nice.

  6. Kate, it definitely isn't what I was hoping it would be.

    I was thinking about that too, SillyPony... I'd have to clean 2 stalls every day, make runs to get feed, hay, and shavings, and feed twice as much as everyone else. It would definitely eat up a bunch more of my time.

    Thanks, Rainbow! I hope I can come up with an even better plan!

    I really struggled with making a decision about this place, Milo. It isn't as nice, I saw some things that I didn't like, and it certainly wasn't ideal, but it was run by caring horse people. I wanted it to be really nice, but there just wasn't enough about it that I liked.

    Regarding the cows... don't you remember what happened with the goats!? LOL I can just see this happening all over again because she freaks herself out about the cows! I'd need them to be 3 or 4 pastures over for a while, and not right next to her pasture. :) I'm paranoid!

    Yeah, the fence is the worst part, Terry... it hasn't been kept up and the grass is quite tall all around the electric fence. ?

    Regarding my current barn, the same guy is the manager and owner, and also does all the feeding and maintenance. Since it's for sale, I hope someone else buys it up quick and we get someone else in there who can do a better job.

    Anyone want to move to central North Carolina and run a beautiful boarding barn? :)

    I'm feeling better about stuff at my current barn with the deal M and I made with our horses, and I want to check with my vet and see what the future holds for Lilly before I make any further decisions. I have a few other places to check out once I know what Lilly's ultrasound shows. Maybe one of those places will fit the bill.