Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Herd Dynamics

There has been some mare drama going on with the four girls.  Snowflake, the little Arab, got kicked in her girly parts and needed to stay inside for a couple days.  It wasn't Lilly who kicked her, but she got kicked because of the rift Lilly put into the herd when we turned her out.  I feel just awful!  So now they have been split up into pairs:  Baby and Lilly in one pasture, Toots and Snowflake in another.

As it stands now, Lilly won't let Baby anywhere near her.  Baby has squealed and kicked at Lilly too many times, so if Baby walks over to Lilly, she spins around and threatens to kick.  If Baby leaves her alone, there's peace.

On Saturday, Toots will be moving to a different barn, so I'm not sure if the plan is to put the 3 mares in together or what.  It doesn't sound like a good idea to me.  Lilly and Baby can't seem to get along, and if Baby keeps trying to claim Snowflake as hers, things could get ugly between Lilly and Baby.

I had been contemplating keeping Lilly on stall board and doing co-op with 2 other ladies in the barn.  If Lilly has to be turned out with Baby and Snowflake, though, that might not work.  I don't want anyone's horse getting hurt, but especially mine!  Putting her back out with AJ is probably the safest bet for now.  I'm sick of Lenny pinning his ears at AJ anyway...  my two get along great together.

I've been wanting AJ to get some hay because I don't see him putting much weight on, but the BO doesn't start putting hay out until December-ish, when he thinks the pastures need supplementing.  Although, I found out he's only feeding AJ one scoop of Weight Builder even though I told him TWO, and the feed chart in the barn says TWO.  Geeze...  And I can't just pay him extra to feed AJ hay because Lenny will eat it all for sure.  So if I moved Lilly out there, I could buy some more hay and feed hay to both of my horses until he starts putting it out.

I'm still looking for other places to board, but a couple came by this weekend to look at the place and seemed really interested.  I'm waiting to see if they want to buy the place...  And I heard some not so good things about one of the other places I was looking at, so the number of possible places are slipping away.


  1. They usually figure it out - particularly mares, who usually settle things pretty quickly - geldings tend to keep picking at each other and jockeying for position.

  2. They've been together since Friday, and Baby is still picking at Lilly, who has decided she's having no more of it.

    It would be nice if they could all just get along! :)

  3. "There has been some mare drama going on with the four girls."
    Reason #6392 why I have geldings. Well, except for Honky, but that's a different story.

    Regarding AJ, and I've held back from saying this, but HAY is what he needs. No magic feed in a bag or pail. Hay. Free choice. If his teefs are good, let him eat. He's earned it.

  4. My mare is WONDERFUL! She is a sweet, angel, princess pony. All the other mares are not so wonderful... lol

    The pastures are decent, well they have been until recently, but it's getting chilly at night and the grass has stopped growing. So I'm with you... he needs hay.

    Getting the BO to feed him hay is another story, so I'll have to do it myself. If I put Lilly back out with him, they'll share a hay pile like two old friends and he can get some hay.

    The vet checked his teeth and she said they look really good, so there's no reason he shouldn't be packing on the pounds, other than he's still not getting enough to eat.

  5. Just this morning I was thinking about writing a post on herd dynamics with Mares...I find it fascinating.

    Anyway, it is so nerve wracking putting horses out with new equine companions. There are so many things that can happen; and injuries too. I don't blame you for wanting Lilly in a pasture with her tried and true buddy, AJ.

  6. It's interesting watching how horses react to different situations, and how adding just one horse can completely throw the whole thing off.

    I look forward to reading your post!