Friday, October 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Turnout

I called and talked to the BO about turnout for Lilly. I don't want her out all the time, but I did want her to get some turnout that lasts longer than the hour or so I'm at the barn. We decided she could go out in the big pasture with the other 3 mares. That way, it's easy for him to bring her in at night, and we don't have to mess with AJ's pasture right now.

He said he was worried about one of the mares being a bit bossy, but we both hoped there wouldn't be any real fireworks. One of the horses she was going to be out with was M's horse, Baby, so I figured if nothing else, Lilly could hang with her for the day. They are stall neighbors, so I figured they were friends by now.

Here's Lilly introducing herself to the mare the BO thought might be an issue. She's an OTTB named Toots. :) (These are iPhone pics, by the way)

They simply sniffed noses for a while, and then they both went about their business. Whew!

Then they all got together by the fence, and everything seemed to be going well. A little bit of sniffing, but everyone was staying quiet.

They even walked up towards the barn together. 4 happy little mares!

I felt things were going well enough that I could leave and go clean Lilly's stall. That way I could keep an eye on things for a while longer. Eventually the horses split up, and Baby was doing her own thing. Lilly was with the other 2 mares and they were all eating peacefully.

Then Lilly decided to go back over to Baby. She had to walk all the way across the pasture to get to her. They touched noses and Baby squealed and struck out with her front feet. I guess Lilly's feelings were hurt because she wheeled around and attempted to double barrel Baby about 6 times! The poor girl had to scramble to get away! Just for good measure, Lilly trotted back over to her, turned her butt again, and threatened with one hind hoof.

Lilly is such a good horse as far as turnout goes. You can put her out with just about anybody, mares or geldings, and as long as they don't get nasty with her, she's perfectly content. Baby wasn't playing nice, so Lilly let her have it!

PLEASE don't get hurt, and PLEASE don't hurt anyone else's horse!!

I called M to let her know what was going on and she said Lilly and Baby had a spat before when they were turned out together. Baby is also in heat, but she just doesn't seem to want to be friends with Lilly.

Toot's mom called me a little while ago to make sure it was ok that Lilly was turned out. (Yay! Thank you!) She said Baby is being very protective of the Arab (named Snowflake), and she's charging at people... LOL She said she brought Toots in and Baby wasn't letting Lilly anywhere near Snowflake. So maybe this isn't going to work with Lilly turned out in there. Sounds like she put a rift in the herd dynamics.

Unfortunately, Toots is leaving tomorrow so there will only be Snowflake and Baby left. It'll be interesting to see how that all works out.

The lady who owns AJ's pasture buddy, Lenny, is going to bring him in off pasture board and do stall board with him for the winter. The BO has been offering self care board for $200 and she's going to do that with Lenny. I've been thinking about maybe doing that with Lilly too, so she's not outside all the time. I'm wondering if perhaps it will help mitigate any more injuries...

With my schedule I can't do self care board by myself. I need a co-op type situation so my horses get fed dinner. M was saying between the 3 of us, we could definitely work something out. The two of them could feed and I could clean everyone's stall to contribute my fair share. The problem is, what then do I do with poor AJ? He won't have a buddy down in his pasture anymore. I think there's one other gelding that is on pasture board, so he could potentially be AJ's buddy, but I really like having Lilly with him because she doesn't beat him up and make ugly faces at him. I don't know much about this other horse. He's fairly new.

So perhaps the co-op/self care thing is in the works.


  1. Lilly, enjoy turnout, but don't you DARE get hurt! You have put your sweet momma through quite enough.

  2. Mares....gotta love 'em! :)

    So glad she's getting out, and sure hope she behaves herself!

    Thanks for posting the communicator's info on your other post, I emailed her today and will be sure to blog the results!

  3. I hope she listens to you, Terry!! :)

    I love my mare... but not a lot of other mares. LOL

    And you're welcome, Jill! I can't wait to hear about Jetta's reading!